RHB is having a James Durham sale with the release of second in a series of books taken from Concerning Scandal

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See the sale here: https://www.heritagebooks.org/categories/james-durham-sale.html/
Details of the new series (not mine but a modern update to Concerning Scandal), see https://www.heritagebooks.org/produ...making-church-discipline-edifying-durham.html
$15 for those two books seems like a steal.

How is Durham on Job?
I'm biased but I think it is great. It is a good daily devotional for personal or family worship. The chapters are short and end with practical observations. Spurgeon said to get anything you could be Durham and if he'd been alive in Durham's day Durham is who among all the puritans he collected and read who he'd want as his pastor.
Durham's message in this series is so important. His priorities are edification, edification, and edification.

Until I really got to grips with Concerning Scandal (thankyou Naphtali Press) I never really appreciated the seriousness and far-reaching-ness of the responsibility of loving one another - it has to be love that will actively contribute towards helping each other towards growth in grace and readiness for glory. Hampering other people's progress is so harmful yet we can end up so carelessly and casually putting obstacles in each other's way. That is Durham's burden in The Scandal of Stumbling Blocks.

Just as much of an eye-opener is The Scandal of Undisciplined Disciples. This is the next installment of Durham's argument in Concerning Scandal and here he explains the purpose and process of church discipline both from the perspective of those being disciplined and the ones doing the disciplining in the church. Again it has to be about edification - building each other up, helping each other towards heaven, and bringing straying sheep back among the flock - for their good and the good of the flock, and for the honour of Christ's reputation in his church. The way Durham explains it, church discipline isn't a finger-wagging, last-resort punitive measure - it's something caring and restorative. Our congregations would be beautiful places if Durham's advice was better known and worked out.

I know there's hardly a new book release that doesn't include the recommendation, Everyone Needs To Read This! But Durham is outstandingly wise and helpful.
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