1. Church History Irenaeus: A Pivotal Theologian In A Pivotal Era

    Irenaeus was perhaps the most important and influential theologian of early Christianity. He defended against attacks by Gnosticism and Marcionism, he was the first to recognize most of the texts that would form the canon as it is known today, and he developed a robust understanding of Scripture and salvation. Irenaeus, known anachronistically as a 'biblical theologian', shaped Christian...
  2. Confessions & Creeds The Development Of The Traditional Form Of The Westminster Standards

    First published, “Antiquary: The Development of the “Traditional Form of The Westminster Standards, The Confessional Presbyterian 1 (2005): 168–177. Appendix C omitted (but see the old PBTJ here).

    The Westminster Confession of Faith was approved and adopted by the General Assembly of the...
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    Theology Please Stop Saying " God Told Me "

    In the article, Buice offers up seven important questions to ask when someone says "God told me" and six appeals to the preacher. Is Buice on target? What has he missed, if anything?