Apostasies, Cults, Heterodoxies, & Heresies

Apollinarianism, Arianism, Arminianism, Buddhism, Catholicism, Christian Science, Docetism, Donatism, Eastern Orthodox, Ebionites, Gnosticism, Hinduism, ICOC, Islam, JWs, Manichaeism, Monophysitism, Mormonism, Montanism, Modalism, Open Theism, Nestorianism, Pelagianism, SDA, Unitarianism, UPC, FV/NPP, Keswick/Exchanged Life, New Age, Occultism, Hebrew Roots Movement, Hyper-Calvinism, New Covenant Theology, heresies denounced at Chalcedon, or any view that denies or perverts the five solas.