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READ CAREFULLY: What follows are not one word answer requests. Most applications are rejected because of the applicant's incomplete explanations concerning the following.

1. Explain how it is that you fully agree or take some exceptions with your selected Confession.

2. Explain your adherence to your selected confession AND include any stated differences with Reformed Confessions.

3. If you selected "Other" for your Confessional Subscription above


you are attending or perhaps pastoring at a non-Reformed or progressive denomination,

--you MUST--

explain your claim of adherence to confessional Reformed theology in this section.

For example, let's say you affirm the WCF or the LBCF and are attending or perhaps a Pastor at a church that does not affirm one of these confessions. In this scenario you are REQUIRED to explain in detail why is it that, on the one hand, you affirm a Reformed confession yet, on the other hand, you continue to attend or pastor at a non-Reformed or progressive church. Your explanations of these and similar doctrinal inconsistencies will help us make an informed decision about your membership request.


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