James Durham collected sermon sale for steal of a price

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In 2017 I copublished all of James Durham's sermons with Reformation Heritage Books in two 850 and 900 page volumes. I don't stock this but received a few author's sets. I am selling the two volumes for below the current sale price at RHB of $65 plus postage (retail for the 2 vols is $100). Only $50 postage paid. I have 3 sets to sell in this shelf clearing sale.
Direct paypal link click here. You can bypass making an account if you don't have one and just use your card at a link I think they give in the lower left after the jump.
Pictue below of all four Durham vols I've done with RHB; I sold out of the sets of these I had in an offer on FB before I could post over here.
crp-dec2019 005.jpg
For anyone without these precious volumes, do not miss out on this deal. These volumes are worth their weight in gold, and these are some heavy volumes! I heartily concur with Spurgeon when he wrote, "Whatever Durham has written is very precious," and "Durham is a prince among spiritual expositors."
I can highly recommend "Christ Crucified" and "Lectures on Job". I am sure the other two are equally valuable.
Should note this is the first time Durham's sermons have been collected. Some have not been republished since the 18th century and one sermon has been transcribed and edited from manuscript (of all those in MS it is the most historically important being preached before Glasgow synod and on similar subject as his work on Scandal).
Remind me about the Canadian shipping please. Or lack thereof.
So I’d have to get it sent to the Washington State border, and make a trip down. Alas, maybe one day.
Yes; sorry. Blame the USPS for getting rid of surface rate and cheap rates. The set exceeds any minimums for anything other than a priority mail flat rate box and that is I think around $40 now.
I do have several lonely volumes of the Sermons on Isaiah 53 from the 2 vol. set. These may have slightly stubbed corners. $25 postage paid; if anyone interested let me know.
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