Collected Sermons of James Durham, 2 vols. (with RHB)

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Took considerably longer to complete, but the 2 volume collection of all of the 133 sermons of James Durham are at the book maker. While Naphtali Press copublished these with Reformation Heritage books, 99 percent of the books are going to them and will be available from RHB or their distributors. I have posted information with links at the NP website. Available singly or in a set with slightly more savings; prepub pricing.

The image mock ups of the books don't give a great idea of the end result; but if you have any of the previous NP publications from the last few years (Gillespie, Bownd, Grand Debate) the binding is the same. We decided to go without dust jackets for the Durham.
Hardcover, 960 pp.
Collected Sermons of James Durham: Sixty-One Sermons. This volume contains sermon series titled “The Blessedness of the Death of Those That Die in the Lord,” “The Unsearchable Riches of Christ” (Communion sermons), “Heaven upon Earth” (on conscience), “The Great Gain of Contenting Godliness,” and “The Great Corruption of Subtle Self,” as well as miscellaneous sermons that appeared in various publications. The last includes a recent transcription from manuscript of one of Durham’s most important sermons preached at the beginning of the Protester-Resolutioner schism in Scotland. All have been uniformly edited and cross-referenced as needed. Also included is an introduction covering the life and works of Durham.

Hardcover, 840pp.
Collected Sermons of James Durham: Seventy-Two Sermons on Isaiah 53. Naphtali Press first published these sermons in 2001; reprinted in 2007. This new critical edition of Christ Crucified has been collated anew against the earliest editions, and the text has been significantly corrected and augmented with editorial notes. These sermons on Isaiah 53 present one of the best commentaries ever written on Christ’s person and work in redemption. Spurgeon, who inscribed his personal copy with the words “much prized,” says of these sermons, “This is marrow indeed. We need say no more: Durham is a prince among spiritual expositors.” The older “Life” appended to several of the old editions of Durham’s works is included with editorial notes.
Thank you, Chris. Durham's sermons are always edifying and filled with wisdom.
Your hard work on this project is very much appreciated!
Thanks Greg. I approved minor prepress corrections on Monday (all related to evolving last minute research on Durham's MS sermons on Song of Solomon addressed in notes or intro; the number of sermons discovered so far nearly doubled after sending the text in so it was worthwhile to make those changes) and this is likely scheduled and in the hands of the book making people.
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