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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
All-On-One DVD
If you are looking for an ultimate MP3 and Data CD collection on the puritans and covenant theology, this may be of help!

August 22-31st Summer Special
Until the End of August, APM is offering the All on One DVD for a donation of $30. It includes, ALL the charts, ALL the wallpapers, ALL the writings listed below, and ALL the MP3 files in ALL the series listed below.
In just a few months, this DVD will no longer have the writings on them because Puritan Publications will be publishing an updated series, along with other Puritan Sermons, in book form.


Everything following will be offered on one DVD:
The Writings of A Puritan's Mind Volumes 1-3 in PDF format - searchable and able to be copied and used for papers, sermons, etc., accessible with the included Adobe Acrobat Reader. These include the following tracts, sermons, books and treatises in PDF:
Halting Stigmatized, by Arthur Salwey (Sermon)
The Soul of Fasting
, by Herbert Palmer (Devotional Outline)
Puritan Preaching in England
, by John Brown (Book)
A letter of Wholesome Counsel Addressed to His Brethren
, by John Knox (Letter)
Converting Grace
, by John Preston, (Treatise)
Defense of Infant Baptism
, by John Wallis (Letter/Treatise)
The Saints Security Against Seducing Spirits
, by William Ames (Sermon)
Four Catechisms
, by William Twisse (Book)
A Treatise on the Lord's Supper
, by William Tyndale (Treatise)
Preface to the Romans
by William Tyndale (Book)
The Puritan Principle of Worship
, by William Young (Book)
A Meditation on the Person of Christ
(Expanded 5 pages) by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
The Nature of the Moral Law
, by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Short Paper)
A Treatise on Justification
, by Archibald Alexander (Treatise)
Difficulties About Baptism
, by Douglas Bannerman (Book)
Infant Baptism, Its Nature and Objects
, by James Lumsden (Book)
The Execution of Servetus
, by John Knox (Treatise)
The Practice of Piety
, by Lewis Bayly (Book)
Introduction to the Death of Death in the Death of Christ
, by J.I. Packer
The Death of Death in the Death of Christ
, by John Owen (book)
An Unpublished Essay on the Trinity
, by Jonathan Edwards (Essay)
Acts of Trent - and their Antidote
by John Calvin (Book)
A Sermon Against Lukewarmness
Henry Wilkinson (Sermon)
Helps for the Discovery of the Truth
by Thomas Cartwright (Sermon)
Difficulty in Reformation
by Anthony Burgess (Sermon)
Christ the Settlement
by Jeremy Whitaker (Treatise)
Self Surrender unto God
by Simeon Ashe (Sermon)
by Hugh Binning (Treatise)
by Hugh Binning (Treatise)
The Nature, Formation and Fellowship of the Church
by John Brown (Treatise)
A Practical Discourse on God's Sovereignty
by Elisha Coles (Book) (Reviewed and endorsed by Thomas Manton and John Owen)
Paul on Women Speaking in the Church
by BB Warfield (Treatise)
Women Preaching
by RL Dabney (Treatise)
The Doctrine of Justification Against Rome
by David Clarkson (Treatise)
A Catechism of Infant Inclusion by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
A History of the Reformation
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Book)An Introduction to Calvin's Thought by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
The Radicals - Reinstitution, not Reformation
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
An Admonition to Flee Relics
by John Calvin (Book)
It is I, Be Not Afraid
by John Knox (Sermon)
The Last Judgment
by John Welch (Sermon)
A Sermon on Isaiah 26
by John Knox (Sermon)
The Parable of the Tares
by Hugh Latimer (Sermon)
The Parable of the Tares
by Hugh Latimer (Sermon)
The Day of Judgment
by Hugh Latimer (Sermon)
The Head of the Church
by Lazarus Seaman (Sermon)Communion Sermons 1-14 by Samuel Rutherford (14 Sermons on the Lord's Supper)
The Trial and Triumph of Faith (
Book of Sermons) by Samuel Rutherford (27 sermons covering faith, predestination, holiness, election, reprobation, common grace, God's love, and quite a bit more)
The Doctrine of Predestination
by Anthonie Giblie
The Mercy of the Master
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (sermon)
Perseverance of the Saints
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
Critiquing Doug Wilson's Heresy
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Small Book)
The Swiss Reformation
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
The German Reformation
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
Amyraut and Hypothetical Universalism
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
Gradual Reformation Intolerable
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (Treatise)
Mel Gibson's Passion Movie
by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (paper)2 Peter 2:1 - Exegetical Thoughts by Dr. C. Matthew McMahon (paper)

NEW Audio MP3 series on Highlights in Historical Theology
Topics include 74 Lessons ranging from 2 minutes to an hour on various subjects all through Historical Theology content. Some of the Lessons include:​

Lesson 1: The Context of Christianity
Lesson 5: Early Church Heresies
Lesson 10: Arianism and Athanasius
Lessons 20-21: Augustine and the Trinity
Lesson 29: The Dark Ages
Lesson 45: The Theology of Martin Luther
Lesson 49: The Reformed Theology of John Calvin
Lesson 54: English Reform and the Westminster Assembly
Lesson 56: Justification by Faith Alone
Lesson 68 - Federal Vision Theology Today
Lesson 73 - Theological Method in the Modern Period

Audio MP3 series on Covenant Theology Simply Stated:
This CD covers the major aspects of Covenant Theology, and what the Reformed Church has believed concerning Covenant Theology since the time of Augustine and Irenaeus, through to the Reformers and Puritans. There are 5 Audio Lessons covering Covenant Theology, as well as 5 audio sermons on important truths of the faith.

Audio MP3 series on True Biblical Reformation:
This CD covers 12 sermons on what True Biblical Reformation is, and what areas of our life such a "reformed" mindset should permeate. Texts include 2 Kings 22:1-23:25, Jeremiah 7:1-4, Colossians 3:1-4, John 4:1-26, Matthew 28:16-20, Joshua 24:15, and Eph. 5:22-6:9. These teachings cover True Biblical Reformation, Living Carelessly Before the Means of Grace, The Reformation of the Mind, Culture and Worship, Reforming Evangelism, Family Reformation, Redeeming the Time for Biblical Reformation, and Resolving to Reform and Keep the Heart.

Audio MP3 series The Covenant of Works:
This CD covers the vital doctrine of the Covenant of Works. This covenant is pivotal in understanding why the Auburn Avenue and Federal Visionists are mistaken in their views of Covenant Theology and fills the Covenant of Grace with meaning. This series is not a specific refutation of the Auburn heresy, but it is a solid series on the foundational and important doctrine surrounding what "covenants" are and what the Covenant Works was all about.

Audio MP3 series The Covenant of Redemption:
This CD covers the neglected doctrine of the Covenant of Redemption. What did the Son do in making a pact with God? What did God do in honoring the Son? What is the Atonement and particular Redemption? All these topics and much more are contained in 10 lectures on the subject.

Audio MP3 series Reformation Overview:
This CD covers all the major events of the Reformation, and even some not commonly known. There are 21 Audio Lessons covering historical information for Germany, Switzerland, France and England during the time of the Reformation, as well as all the key characters in this revival of the Christian Church.

Audio MP3 series on Dominicum Servasti, Have you kept the Lord's Day?
This CD is a helpful overview of the teaching concerning the Lord's Day or the Christian Sabbath. It contains 10 lessons, including 3 appendices.

Audio MP3 series Who are the Puritans?
Learn about the Puritans in 18 lectures - They were given to aid the Christian to come to a more helpful understanding of the Puritans and their theological writings. Topics include - William Perkins and his work "The Causes of Salvation and Damnation", Williams Ames and his work "The Marrow of Theology", Jeremiah Burroughs and his work "Gospel Worship", Thomas Goodwin and his work on "Justification", Richard Baxter and the "The Reformed Pastor"

MP3 Audio series The Westminster Standards Collection:
All the documents of the Westminster Assembly are dramatically read in high quality form.

MP3 Audio series The Three Forms of Unity:
All the documents of the Dutch Reformed Church are dramatically read in high quality form.

MP3 Wild Boar News Podcast: Up to the Date "Wild Boar News Podcasts" Audio Shorts

All 12 Charts, including the Covenant Theology Learning Chart
in PDF format for your home computer use.(11 x 17)


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Any possibility it could be available through the first week of September? (fixed income and all)


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Thank you....

Thank you for making this available. I bought mine right away and I am eagerly looking forward to it's arrival.

God Bless,

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