Reformation Day DVD Special $15

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
Reformation Day Special
The Reformation under men like Wycliffe, Hus, Zwingli, Tyndale, Luther and Calvin, solidified the Biblical doctrines of the faith, recapturing the true faith from the Roman Catholic church's counterfeit faith. The content of this victorious reaffirmation of biblical doctrine can be summed up in the five slogan terms of the Reformation. Sola Christus: Christ alone. Sola Scriptura: Scripture alone. Sola Gratia: Grace alone. Sola Fide: Faith alone. Soli Deo Gloria: Glory to God alone.

In honor of the Reformation, and the recovery of the Gospel, I wanted to offer just about everything at APM on one DVD that houses such teaching.

From October 21st through October 31st the All-On-One DVD is available for $15 (Regularly for a donation of $100).

I have limited copies left.
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