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    "If peace establish the throne of happiness, and safety guard it, ‘tis contentment crownes it; if peace be natures nurse, contentment is the milk, if safety be the fort, contentment is the magazine. Peace without contentment is but lethargy, safety without it is but a prison, but contentment without both is a continual feast, a kingdom. If without following peace a man becomes his own enemy, if without endeavoring safety he be his own traitor; without enjoying contentment he is his own troubler. The proud man hath no God, the unpeaceable man hath no neighbor, the distrustful man hath no friend; but the discontented man hath not himself."

    (Charles Herle, Worldly Policy and Moral Prudence; the Vanity and Folly of the one, the Solidity and Usefulness of the other, [London: 1654], p.95)

    Charles Herle (1598–1659) was a Westminster Divine, sometime prolocutor of the Assembly (1646-48) and a leading member of the committee that formulated the WCF.

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