1. J

    Recommendations for becoming a better shepherd?

    What resources do you recommend for becoming a better shepherd? e.g., When my wife is discouraged about something and needs to be led toward Christ? Or when a child is in the midst of an angry tirade and needs to be directed toward repentance? Surely, this must start with my own personal...
  2. sojourner

    Four Soils Ministry Free Bible Study and Counseling Course Online

    Hi there is the Four Soils Ministry by Ptr. Charlie King a good resource to study online considering its free, and the requirements to start is not that tedious. I believe he is a baptist based from the info. online. I would love to hear your comments.
  3. Z

    Christian Counsel on Sick Children

    Hello, How do you counsel a mother who has a child that has a rare disease? This one doesn't appear to be fatal, but could be/has been very painful and damaging to the child. This is something the parents have been battling with for quite some time, first trying to get a diagnosis, and then...
  4. A

    Lend Competent to Counsel Competent to Counsel: ADAMS JAY E.: Books "Competent to Counsel," Jay Adams, PRESBYTERIAN AND REFORMED PUBL. (1972) Length of Loan: Free to a good home, I have 3 copies :) : you are welcome to keep this book; let me know where you are and I'll find out the cost of shipping...