WSC Conference: The Law of God and The Christian

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Puritan Board Freshman

Westminster Seminary California
Presents their annual faculty conference
"The Law of God and the Christian"
January 12-13, 2007

This conference will explore how a robust view of grace and the finished work of Christ usher the Christian into a life of grateful obedience to God's law.

Speakers include:
W. Robert Godfrey, Michael S. Horton, Bryan D. Estelle, David M. VanDrunen, Hywel R. Jones, R. Scott Clark, Steven M. Baugh and Dennis E. Johnson.

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$40 through December 16
$50 after December 16
$35 for full-time students

We encourage you to register early, as we expect a full conference again, and had to turn some guests away at our last conference. Free registration will be offered to a limited number of guests interested in volunteering for this event.

For more information, visit or email Joy Weaver at [email protected]

Joy Weaver
Development Assistant
Westminster Seminary California
1725 Bear Valley Pkwy
Escondido, CA 92027
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