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    Samurai of the Almighty

    The modern warrior in reality is not the martial arts and weapons master of popular story, but the one who walks so as to give no inward place to the Devil, who walks humbly and meekly before God and man, yet has the authority and the power to lay waste demonic strongholds. The modern warrior's rule is purity of heart, simplicity of life, and the presence of God. Such a one can call on the Almighty, and is His samurai in the nether realms, wielding a lightning sword, the sword of the Spirit.


    My custom Ruana knife
    with its blade long enough
    to fight and kill a bear
    is of no use to me in the wilds
    I am now in, once again
    the wilderness of hearts –
    where woodsman survival skills
    avail not

    here survival is of a different order,
    discerning the narrow path
    revealed to me hour by hour
    and step by step
    as the guide of my spirit and heart
    leads me through the labyrinths
    of warring relationships
    amid those humans around me

    destruction is as possible here
    as in the mountain fastnesses
    I roamed in upstate New York,
    where there also the Lord was my shepherd
    as He is here in the Middle East.
    Keeping the eye of my heart on Him,
    resting in and keeping His word,
    I am wonderfully safe amid myriad dangers!

    And He has given me a companion,
    a wife, a woman wise in her own right
    in the ways of her God,
    a good counselor to me in this distant land
    and strange terrain.
    My survival blade here – another of His gifts –
    is the sword of the Spirit,
    that wondrous blade of light and power​



    is that whatever happens
    in the inner life
    or the outer
    I must be of high spirits
    with poise of mind
    and gentleness of heart

    otherwise the Lord's samurai of spirit
    roils the serene depths
    from which he fights
    in the global arena of consciousness
    on Apokalypse Field,
    a muddied pool

    It is here the Way of the cross
    is the Way of life,
    to let go what doesn't matter,
    to yield to another's will
    when principle is not at stake;
    in losing one's life one gains it

    for the power of my blade is the Spirit of Light
    Who arises from the crucified life.​


    O Citadel Awake!

    It is a crime to be silent
    or to sing pretty nothings
    as though all were well
    and peace reigned,
    while the murder of a world is at hand.

    The siege is mounting
    in its fury
    and determination
    to destroy the citadel
    defending humankind

    and yet in the “civilized” world
    it proceeds under cover
    of enlightened thought
    and law,
    binding warriors’ hands as they sleep

    O Citadel awake!
    O poets rouse yourselves!
    O name the Name
    that shines in darkness
    and gives strength to the faint

    Reclaim our calling
    as the Lord’s seers and singers,
    flee the bog of modern poetry
    and its brilliant obscurity,
    sing clear and true with full breath

    of the things of Heaven
    and eternity,
    of the human condition
    we are given to defend,
    loving not our lives even unto death.​
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