Woven Hand / 16 Horsepower

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Any fans on this site?

Great americana gothic music. Very dark and not for the faint of heart. I had the great pleasure of talking with the singer/songwriter of both projects (same guy) and he is a staunch calvinist. Which is apparent in his lyrics.

He has a a huge secular following in Europe and it really completely confuses him. He does not know why people who hate God would have any interest in his music. He marks it up as God on that one :)

All their stuff is on eMusic and iTunes.


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Hmmm. Glad you brought them up. I hadn't heard the name in years. I remember listening to a version of "Heaven's Sake" probably a decade a go and was very impressed. I was a blasphemer at the time, much more in tune with the Nick Cave type, which is probably why I did a double take at 16HP.

Anyhow, I just noticed that they have disbanded. I had never heard of Woven Hand or Lilium.

Good stuff. Not for everyone here, that's for sure. But very good stuff.
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