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What music would you listen to when you work? (if you do listen while working)

I listen to something upbeat. Maybe electronic, R&B or country, or a patriotic classical piece.
While working, classical, and only instrumental pieces, not operas with vocals. I know very little about music, so really I use it as background music to block out other background noise.
I listen to Pandora. I have several stations that I alternate depending on my mood. They range from jazz to indie rock.
Pandora is fantastic! I would listen to classical via Pandora all the time if I had a better internet connection. A better internet connection would also enable me to listen to NPR's All Things Considered--I used to listen every evening after the kids were in bed, while I worked on various tasks. But since my internet connection now is what it is, I listen to various classical CDs; I also listen to recordings of psalm singing. Or I sing psalms with my children.
I just listen to the voices in my head. They usually are singing, so that makes it socially acceptable. . . .
I subscribe to Rhapsody to Go... which for a monthly fee, I can listen to almost anything on my mp3 player - which for me happens to be my phone. I also download Renewing Your Mind by RC Sproul and listen while working. I work in a mail processing plant with lots of heavy machinery, so it helps drown out the noise... :) and of course I am learning lots at the same time...

But I enjoy a good mix from the 70's through to Contemporary Christian... I am pretty open on that. :)
I usually listen to classical or some (good) a capella, if I'm listening to music. More often I listen to a podcast, sermon, or something else (especially if I'm doing manual labor that doesn't require a whole lot of concentration).
I go with Pandora as well. Nothing with vocals. Generally jazz (Horace Silver, Charlie Parker, etc) or instrumental rock (Explosions in the Sky, Mogwai, Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Sigur Ros, etc). Good background noise.
Conservative Talk Radio!!

Except Saturday when the local station plays 80's/Disco all day. Saturday on talk radio is not good. Nothing Political.
Yes, everyday. Even the local afternoon call in host came to the retirement community where I cook, and we advertise on the station. I goto the marketing people and tell them the ad is playing and people are listening.
Wretched Radio, audio book, White Horse Inn.. Music is okay, but I like to hear people talking.
I listen to classical music all day at work (from a public radio station). But on my way to and from work I may listen to classic rock and roll! I'm just a classy guy I guess :p
For non-creative work: usually instrumental, but if it is repetitive, non-thinking work, I will listen to sermons, lectures, and Christian radio podcasts, and sometimes streaming political talk radio from the US.

For creative work: nothing. I can't concentrate.
I can't listen to music at work since I need to be hearing a lot of people speak and also listening for the Code Phone in case someone decides to die, start a fire, abduct a baby, cause a disaster, bring a weapon, be a physical threat, etc., in which case I announce overhead whatever the particular code may be. Sad :( But if I could, it would be music from Sovereign Grace Music and also Reformed Rap with a sermon or two each day. So, pretty much what I do at home . . .
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