William Wilson on the spiritual equality of the rich and poor in the church

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And, first, we may advert to the fact, that not only is the Church a spiritual community, by spiritual means aiming at a spiritual end, and that the functions performed by its members, as members of the Church, are all of a spiritual character, but also, that the standing which any member occupies within the Church depends on spiritual gifts and qualifications alone. The privileges we enjoy as members of it are the result of profession and character, not of civil or worldly status. The rich and poor meet together in the house of God; and the grave itself is not a more complete leveller of all earthly distinctions than the Church.

Men get together for worship—they partake of the sacraments, they bear rule in God’s house, not because they are rich, or noble, or learned, but because they are creatures of the same God, because they have the like precious faith, because they have the graces of the Divine Spirit. It is unquestionable that this is, or ought to be, the condition and character of every true Church. No powers except those which have the express sanction of God ought to have place in it. ...

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Wow. Great quote.

Here is an experience of mine that applies to this quote:

-In the jungle I work with indigenous native evangelists who are usually poor and shoeless and not well educated. But they are pastors and evangelists and know the bible. I have invited short-term teams over from the West or from more prosperous and advanced islands in the nation where I served. I am sad to report that amongst these visitors there is often 1 who talks down to the evangelists and remarks how poor and uneducated they are. They immediately place themselves in charge and even their body language conveys that they are the social and spiritual superiors of my poor native brothers in Christ. 1man even tried to reorder the church service to make it more "biblical" (there was nothing wrong with what was being done). I pulled one man aside and told him to learn to shut his mouth and listen more than he talks and learn from these native evangelists instead of always try to teach them in a condescending manner. And of course, upon introspection, I realize I have done the same thing sometimes (Lord forgive me). God is changing that region where I worked chiefly through the poorest Christians on earth who don't even know if the world is round or that we put men on the moon (maybe...unless Kubrik faked it on a studio). God humbles the proud and exalts the lowly.
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