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    William Jenkyn, English Puritan (1612 - January 19, 1685), was one of many brilliant lights during the Puritan era. He was married to the granddaughter of John Rogers, another famous martyr for Christ.

    He wrote a large and highly-regarded commentary on Jude; preached funeral sermons for Lazarus Seaman and Thomas Gouge; and, among other works, published three sermons in the Morning Exercises: Now is the Time; or, Instructions for the present Improving the Season of Grace, How we ought to bewail the Sins of the Places where we live?, and No Sin is in its own Nature venial; but every Sin is deadly, and deserves eternal Damnation. He was also a signer of the Commendatory Epistle to the Westminster Confession.

    He spent time imprisoned in the Tower of London for Christopher Love's "Plot," was ejected in 1662, and died in Newgate Prison after months of confinement for the cause of Christ. His last arrest was notable in that he with praying with John Flavel and others when the king's men came to arrest them and while Flavel, et al. escaped, Jenkyn was caught because he would not step on a lady's dress on the staircase which was their only exit.

    Some of his famous sayings:

    "Grace is not native but donative."

    "Praise shall conclude that work which prayer began."

    "As the wicked are hurt by the best things, so the godly are bettered by the worst things."

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    Are you sure a 4000 pages ?, how many volumes is it gonne be ?
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    I was quoting from the Webmaster:

    However, I see that elsewhere he gave a different figure:

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    Jenkyn on Jude was reprinted by Soli Deo Gloria in the late 1980's. It was one volume, tiny print. You may still be able to find copies on abebooks.com.
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    According to Walter Wilson's Memoirs of the life and times of Daniel De Foe, containing a review of his writings, and his opinions upon a variety of important matters (1830), William Jenkyn and Daniel Defoe (also a Presbyterian) were fellow-prisoners together as a result of the Crown's persecution of dissenters.
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    William Jenkyn preached the funeral sermon for William Gouge.
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    William Jenkyn was arrested on September 2, 1684. He spent the remainder of his life in Newgate Prison, "where, as he said a little before his death, a man might as well be effectually murdered as at Tyburn" (Calamy's Account).

    Joel Beeke's bio:

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