William Cunningham on opposition to systematic theology

Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
It has been no uncommon thing for a certain class of writers upon theological subjects to declaim against systematic theology, and against the works which are classed under the general designation of systems. This dislike of systematic theology and of systems has arisen from ignorance and misconception or unreasonable prejudice, and in some cases we fear from worse motives.

A very large proportion of the systems of theology which, until the rise of infidel neology on the Continent about the middle of last century had been given to the world, were orthodox or Calvinistic, i.e. a large proportion of them gave generally, and in the main, a sound and correct summary of the leading truths contained in the word of God. And this was not by any means an accidental thing. The orthodox or Calvinistic scheme is the most systematic of all systems, possessing the beautiful consistency and harmony of truth, and deriving from its systematic consistency a presumption in favour of its soundness. ...

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