Will this change FV abbreviation polemics?

Discussion in 'Federal Vision/New Perspectives' started by BayouHuguenot, Sep 5, 2014.

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  1. BayouHuguenot

    BayouHuguenot Puritanboard Amanuensis

  2. MarieP

    MarieP Puritan Board Senior

    Probably not...we have a Walnut Street Baptist and a Broadway Baptist that are no longer on those streets...
  3. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritanboard Amanuensis

    Main Street Baptist Church in Hattiesburg, Mississippi is no longer on Main Street, but on Hardy Street.
  4. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

    Disappointing to see that it is growing.
  5. BayouHuguenot

    BayouHuguenot Puritanboard Amanuensis

    It's in my town. As far as a Presbyterian church that isn't in Jackson, MS or Charleston, SC it isn't that big. But for the average Presbyterian church it is fairly big. The reason they grew is that 15 years ago they had an incredible college ministry (that was actually very biblical and thorough) and a lot of people stayed in town after college (which is rare for college-town churches) and started having babies.
  6. Peairtach

    Peairtach Puritan Board Doctor

    No longer Auburn Avenue Theology, too.

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