Why should I use the KJV?

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My primary concern in all textual-critical conversations is not 'which Bible do you prefer', as I think that all accurate translations can be valid representations of the Word in English. My primary concern is "accurate translations". I do not call Byzantine-text bibles "not the Word", but as an ESV reader (who does all his serious study in parallel with the NKJV), I expect the same courtesy extended to me. And I don't always get it.

Obviously I reject gender neutrality in the Bible, the TNIV, versions of the NIV after the late nineties, paraphrase bibles and *shudder* the NLT. The NLT is HUGE in contemporary evangelicalism in my county, and it is a plague. A paraphrase masquerading as a critical-text Bible. That doesn't alter my conviction that there are holes in the MT-only or "ecclesiastical text" argument, or my adherence to the Chicago Statement.

The ESV is a fine Bible. I never understood the attacking of some on this subject. At the end of the day it comes down to preference. I love the KJV but I am not going to reject all modern translation scholarship because of my preference. There's a lot to gain from the good modern translations. I admit the KJV is a tough read at times and it's certainly not perfect but if it was good enough for the Apostle Paul then it's good enough for this guy.
I suppose it goes without saying but ......... the Apostle Paul never saw a complete NT, much less a KJV, and probably read the Hebrew scrolls, and the LXX.

Lol That was clearly a joke Jimmy. but thanks
Apologies for taking it seriously (I should have known better) Reminded me of this ;
Quoted (allegedly) from the 4 December 1926 issue of The New Yorker (Talk of the Town, Pg. 27),

Old English

A gentleman connected with the Rockefeller Institute discloses that, among hundreds of letters of denunciation received by the institution during the past year was one from a man in Arkansas who took the view that all this modern education is dangerous and that the new-fangled practice of grounding preachers in Latin and Greek is especially pernicious. They ought to be taught in English, and only English, he said, adding in conclusion, "If English was good enough for Jesus, it's good enough for me."

Lol Wow. There some KJV onlyers that are serious when they what I said, sadly. It's pretty crazy how intense we can get over translations sometimes. Of course God's Word is important and we should stand for what we believe but with meekness.
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