Who Teaches That NT Authors Cited OT Authors Out of Context?


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I am interested in the various reasons some believe NT authors sometimes take the OT out of context.


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I don't think you be claim to be an orthodox Christian and also believe or teach that the NT authors intentionally rip OT texts out of their original context, but also it's not hard to get confused about they way the inspired writers use OT texts.

DA Carson gave a series of lectures at MARS recently on this exact issue and I am given to understand that his Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament is an indespensible resource


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Barnabas Lindars, "The Place of the Old Testament in the Formation of New Testament Theology"
S.V. McCasland, "Matthew Twists the Scriptures"
Richard T. Mead, "A Dissenting Opinion about Respect for Context in Old Testament Quotations"

All handily available in G.K. Beale, ed., The Right Doctrine from the Wrong Text: Essays on the Use of the Old Testament in the New


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Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament is an excellent resource - I refer to it year after year in my regular reading schedule. Also helpful for some in-depth articles: New Dictionary of Biblical Theology of which Carson was a consulting editor. NDBT provides very detailed discussions by topic, as well as the overall (apostolic) hermeneutic to understanding our New Testament.


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I think it is simply a matter of the fullness of the time Gal. 4:4. In some cases, such as non-Messianic Psalms that are clearly (and accurately) applied later to our Lord, might be referred to as a second reading, since the Old Testament on its own was not a complete book.