Who Is the Best "Popular" Preacher Today?

Discussion in 'Preaching' started by Marrow Man, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. Joel Beeke

    11 vote(s)
  2. John Piper

    37 vote(s)
  3. Tim Keller

    13 vote(s)
  4. R.C. Sproul

    24 vote(s)
  5. Joel Osteen ;)

    9 vote(s)
  6. Someone Else (please list)

    27 vote(s)
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  1. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    I'm sure that I've left off a number of great preachers. Feel free to volunteer your own favorites, brothers and sisters! The only stipulation I would ask is that it not be your own preacher (unless you attend a church where the preacher is well known).
  2. Knoxienne

    Knoxienne Puritan Board Graduate

    Pastor John Weaver and Pastor Thomas Ray Floyd are my absolute favorites and very good friends also! They're both reformed baptists.
  3. greenbaggins

    greenbaggins Administrator Staff Member

    For bread and butter preaching, constantly nourishing, I like Phil Ryken. I always learn something from him. However, I like Stafford Carson almost equally as well.
  4. AThornquist

    AThornquist Puritan Board Doctor

    I'm livin' my best life now, baby! :banana: ...And I can't say enough about my Deluxe Joel Osteen teeth cleaning kit...
  5. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    Dr. Joseph Pipa
  6. ww

    ww Puritan Board Senior

    I could listen to John Piper for hours upon end. Passionate Preaching from a man with great humility and transparency. My other favorite was James Montgomery Boice. I learned so much listening to him. Our loss/Heaven's gain!
  7. tdowns

    tdowns Puritan Board Junior

    I like them all...

    but, although, not totally reformed, it is his 40th anniversary, he is local, and, as far a "Preaching", I just love him. (unless he is talking eschatology):)

    John Macarther.
    Last edited: Feb 18, 2009
  8. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Amen! It don't get no better than that!

  9. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    Oh, yes, Ryken. I knew I was forgetting someone. He came and preached at Erskine while I was there and I thought he was absolutely fabulous. It was an interesting sermon on the priestly attire. Thanks for the mention!
  10. SolaScriptura

    SolaScriptura Puritanboard Softy

    Piper. Hands down. He probably more than any single living preacher has popularized the doctrines of grace, particularly amongst the evangelical demographic which has virtually no exposure to the more "hard core" preachers of Reformed theology.

    Indeed, it was his Desiring God - back when it was still the 1st edition - that got me thinking about the concept of God-centeredness.
  11. reformed trucker

    reformed trucker Puritan Board Sophomore

    What, no Rick Warren? He's America's pastor, dontchaknow!:p
  12. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    I picked Sproul because he has done the most invaluable work, in my opinion. I am a new Beeke fan, and ♥ him very much, and I love Piper as well! But, in the end, I think R.C. Sproul has been a very consistent help to many, many people. They are all very intelligent, accessible, and wise, but I think there would be the largest void had Sproul never become a preacher.

    However, I currently listen to Mark Dever the most. I'm really trying to get through all of his overview sermons on the books of the Bible that someone on the PB recommended to me. OT and NT
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  13. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    That was a purpose driven post.

  14. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    Jessi, I thought about putting Dever on the list, but I was disappointed in his presentation at last year's T4G conference. I saw him at Ligonier's Pastor's Conference a few years ago, though, and thought he was excellent then.
  15. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    Of the list, Piper, hands down.
  16. SolaGratia

    SolaGratia Puritan Board Junior

    There is also Sinclair Ferguson and I personally like Cornelius Pronk.
  17. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    Silly me, how could I have overlooked a fellow ARP? :confused:
  18. he beholds

    he beholds Puritan Board Doctor

    Do you remember what disappointed you? We don't know much about him, so a warning of what may creep in would be helpful! Thanks!
  19. Honor

    Honor de-cool

    Driscoll!!!! that's my vote Piper is a close second
  20. Prufrock

    Prufrock Arbitrary Moderation

    I personally enjoy listening to my own pastor preach. Especially as this means the word preached is combined with prayer, the sacrament, singing of psalms and the fellowship of believers.

    Oops. Missed the word "popular" in the opening post. Well, I suppose he's popular within our congregation, so maybe that counts.
  21. Marrow Man

    Marrow Man Drunk with Powder

    Oh no, let no fears arise within thee! The man is thoroughly orthodox and has done a great service to the church through 9Marks Ministries. No, he was just a little flat and dry that day, that is all.

    He is a Baptist, but not much I can do about that. ;)

    -----Added 2/18/2009 at 02:04:07 EST-----

    Another choice that should have at least made the list. Thanks!
  22. Knoxienne

    Knoxienne Puritan Board Graduate

    That kind of contentment is a blessing indeed. And our pastors so need our support!
  23. Classical Presbyterian

    Classical Presbyterian Puritan Board Junior

    I would add Dr. Ligon Duncan. When I was first exploring expository preaching (after I was already ordained and preaching...:eek:) his sermons on Matthew saved my tail!
  24. matthew11v25

    matthew11v25 Puritan Board Sophomore

    While I love Piper, I have to go with Keller.
  25. DMcFadden

    DMcFadden Puritan Board Doctor

    From the list suggested . . .

    Piper hands down - full of earnest soul stirring passion

    R.C. Sproul would be another fav for his incredible role in introducing so many to Reformed Theology

    I heard Beeke last Saturday at Nathan Eshelman's ordination and would love to go back to seminary . . . at PRTS! But, he hardly has the following to qualify as "popular."

    I can't believe anyone on the PB selected Joel Osteen!!! :eek:
    At least you could go for a good "Reformed" preacher like Robert Schuller :rolleyes:
  26. Scott1

    Scott1 Puritan Board Doctor

    For "preaching" John Piper is extraordinarily gifted- passionate, clear, powerful and mostly right in reformed theology.

    While I have limited acquaintance with Mr. Beeke, it is very favorable.

    John MacArthur should be on the list.

    For "teaching" I think of Tim Keller and RC Sproul. Interpreting this poll as the teaching gift, it seems Dr. Sproul is without equal in this generation.
  27. etexas

    etexas Puritan Board Doctor

    Joel...he is so cool.;););)

    SEAGOON Puritan Board Freshman

    It depends what you mean by "Best." Do you mean preaching ability, content, overall ministry of the word? For instance Tim Keller has greater preaching ability than Joel Beeke, but I'd say in terms of content Beeke wins hands down.

    If you just want "favorite preacher" or best combination of all the qualities I look for in a preacher, that would be someone almost no one has ever heard of - Pastor Mark Herzer.
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    And if you go by "most listened to on Sermonaudio" its Paul Washer, hands down!
  29. OPC'n

    OPC'n Puritan Board Doctor

    Sproul of course! I never really got into Piper's teachings for some reason.
  30. Knoxienne

    Knoxienne Puritan Board Graduate

    Same here.
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