Who got a Kindle for Christmas

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by jpfrench81, Dec 25, 2010.

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  1. jpfrench81

    jpfrench81 Puritan Board Sophomore

    or a Pagan holiday co-opted by the Roman Catholic church? I did! Pretty sweet? For those who have a Kindle, what accessories do you recommend? I don't really care to personalize my Kindle, but things like covers, reading lights, etc. that you would recommend would be appreciated.
  2. Christopher88

    Christopher88 Puritan Board Sophomore

    I received a Kindle today. Its great, so happy I received one.
  3. baron

    baron Puritan Board Graduate

    The cover with the reading light is great for reading in bed. I also purchased headphone so I can listen to the book. I was told they have a waterproff cover for reading in the bathtub. Do people still take baths??

    If you received a Kindle this morning the one possible bad feature of it is, you may read more.
  4. DMcFadden

    DMcFadden Puritanboard Commissioner

    My wife gave me one early. In the last three weeks, I have discovered the joy of FREE books (e.g., Beeke, Phillips, Sproul, etc.).

    You really need to check the daily specials. Digital books often come online for free for a short period of time (often only for one day). If you download them, you get them. Otherwise, they revert to their regular prices. Secular books on Amazon are often $9.99. But Zondervan books are typically MUCH higher.

    I picked up a GREAT case at Best Buy for $35 (M-Edge). It is light weight, faux leather, devoid of extraneous junk, and has a VERY solid protective cover with a soft micro lining. My wife uses the same thing on her Kobo.

    For daily Kindle deals:

    Amazon.com Bestsellers: The most popular items in Kindle eBooks
  5. baron

    baron Puritan Board Graduate

    Here is a usefull web site if you don't have it. Espically for free book's and tips.

    Free eBooks and Tips
  6. Claudiu

    Claudiu Puritan Board Junior

    Like Dennis, I got one a couple weeks ago as an early gift. It came with the cover from amazon that doesn't have the light. There's a lot of free books out there (Amazon, manybooks.net, gutenburg.org, archive.org, and many others).
  7. jpfrench81

    jpfrench81 Puritan Board Sophomore

    Thanks Dennis!
  8. Scottish Lass

    Scottish Lass Puritan Board Doctor

    Got a Nook--advantage for me is that I can check out library books with it!
  9. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    My daughter Sasha got one this morning. She's been in her room with it ever since...
  10. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    And she's buying lots of e-books!

    I got one a few days ago.
  11. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    Did you all sell out at Wal Mart, Ivan?
  12. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    Not Kindles. We don't sell those. But if you mean in general...ummm...about a million dollars in sales in the last two days. Tad busy.

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    ...and I get to go in tonight...oh, goodie, goodie!
  13. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    Yeah as you know I'm in the same boat. We've comped sales around 20% over last year. It's just a madhouse. Not sure if I will ever understand it either...but it pays the bills!
  14. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    I may be ready for a change soon, a big change.
  15. Michael

    Michael Puritan Board Senior

    I'm out of the loop! What's the big plan?
  16. kodos

    kodos Puritan Board Junior

    I did! I have had the Kindle app on my iPad and iPhone for a while now. Got the real thing for Christmas - will be handy when I just want to read in bed without the backlight shining on my wife :). Planning on getting the lighted case.

    Bought Augustine's confessions and to hear the "other side", also bought "Arminian Theology: Myths and realities" by Olson. Not finding any myths thus far :lol:
  17. KMK

    KMK Administrator Staff Member

    Me me me!
  18. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    My grandparents gave me one. Totally unexpected. I'm very grateful. First thing I did was download the ESV for FREE. I don't even read the ESV, but free is free!
  19. Edward

    Edward Puritanboard Commissioner

    Looks like you're getting back to normal.
  20. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Second purchase: The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment by Jerremiah Burroughs, $1.99.
  21. Mark Hettler

    Mark Hettler Puritan Board Freshman

    Got one.
  22. jogri17

    jogri17 Puritan Board Junior

    I got one! I bought some books: Machen, Sproul, Hart, etc... archive.org has alot of public domain stuff in kindle format! I love it so far! I also got: Simpson's beer glasses, Star Wars cookie cutters, a new irish tie (very nice red), books of my choosing from wts books (bavinck bio, princeton history volumes, the always reformed volume by R. Scott Clark, and the works of John Frame on dvd for Logos!).
  23. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    Nothing yet. Just the distant rumblings in my mind and heart. And no, Josh, that rumbling isn't my stomach.
  24. jpfrench81

    jpfrench81 Puritan Board Sophomore

    The HCSB is also available for free. It's more readable and modern than the ESV though I know most here prefer the ESV (outside of the KJV).
  25. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Maybe I'll grab that too just for reference. I read the KJV.
  26. ac7k

    ac7k Puritan Board Freshman

    I bought one last year at Christmas time... love it... Welcome new owners... :)
  27. Michael Doyle

    Michael Doyle Puritan Board Junior

    I received one this year from my terrific wife. I love it! I cannot put it down.
  28. Skyler

    Skyler Puritan Board Graduate

    I got half of one for Christmas.

    The family was too poor to pay for the whole thing. =P

    But I'm not complaining! I got it for less than half price. It's well worth it, from what I hear.

    It should ship this week sometime.
  29. Mark Hettler

    Mark Hettler Puritan Board Freshman

    Got my free ESV Bible. Also Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress and Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners are free. And Foxe's Book of Martyrs, and several George Mueller titles, and several Luther titles. I'm sure there's more, but you have to dig a little to find them.
  30. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Doctor

    I've heard that there are problems with some texts on Kindle: misspellings, typographical errors, words hyphenated in weird places - stuff like that. Has anyone run into these problems?
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