Who Do You Think Adopts EP/ES and/or non-instrumentation First?

Who Is More Likiley to Switch to EP/ES and/or Non-Instrumentation?

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Nothing like a nice little poll to get the day started. :judge:

By the way ES is "Exclusive Scripture", that is singing Scripture exclusively instead of hymns.
I can't see the PCA or OPC ever going that way as a whole and definitely not the Baptists. I voted "someone else" as there are other smaller denominations as they would be the most likely, but not necessarily do so. I'm unfamiliar with the others listed.
"None of the above".

I have heard only of leaving EP. I have yet to hear of a communion that has ever been non-EP to reform in favor of EP/ES.
I'm a member of an ARP church and I cherish its Scottish Presbyterian heritage. Still, for a denomination which boasts of its covenanter descent, it clearly has departed from its Scottish roots in this regard. I voted for the ARP seeing that its national heritage provides a huge incentive for embracing its former position. May God bless the ARP towards that end!
The problem with the ARP in this regard is it always acted like a little lost puppy dog, doing what the PCUS did, only twenty years later. What is truly amazing is that they went non-EP as late as they did while giving up non-instrumentation 60 years earlier.
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