Who are your favorite preachers to listen to, besides your own pastor?

Discussion in 'Preaching' started by Willem van Oranje, Aug 5, 2010.

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  1. Willem van Oranje

    Willem van Oranje Puritan Board Junior

    Who are your favorite preachers to listen to, besides your own pastor?

    Some of mine are Bill Shishko, Brian De Jong, Ligon Duncan, and Dave Holmlund.
  2. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    Mark Dever, David Silversides, Ted Donnelly, Joe Morecraft, Al Mohler...
  3. Ne Oublie

    Ne Oublie Puritan Board Sophomore

    Joe Morecraft, Joel Beeke, Todd Ruddell, Nathan Trice, Steven Warhurst, Brent Bradley, Sinclair Ferguson, Al Martin

    In no particular order of preference.

    I forgot to mention Bartel Elshout, excellent Pastor and also the editor of A' Brakel's The Christian's Reasonable Service
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  4. billy.leonhart

    billy.leonhart Puritan Board Freshman

    Mine are pretty basic, yet somewhat diverse: Sproul, MacArthur, Begg, Mohler, Anyabwile, and Riddlebarger.

  5. KSon

    KSon Puritan Board Junior

    Arturo Azurdia III and Stephen Dilday are two that I am listening to frequently right now...

    I glean from both greatly. Azurdia has preaching skills like few others, just masterful. He is currently part of a church plant out west and is preaching through a series called "Distinguishing Features of a Gospel Congregation". Very, very good. Stephen Dilday is a phenomenal teacher, one of the finest I've heard. If you get an opportunity, go to his Sermonaudio page and listen to him teach through the WCF (just put "WCF" on the search bar on his page). You will be greatly edified by his ability to handle the Scriptures and, particularly when teaching through the confession, his ability to put things in their proper historical context.
  6. goodnews

    goodnews Puritan Board Freshman

    MacArthur, Ferguson, Keller
  7. jwithnell

    jwithnell Moderator Staff Member

    Dr. Ferguson. Lectures by Dr. Gaffin. Over the years, I've really benefited from the "heart" of Dr. Krabbendam. Does it count to say my pastor, but recordings from before I got here?
  8. Jesus is my friend

    Jesus is my friend Puritan Board Junior

    Steve Lawson,John Piper (Though I am wondering which direction he's headed)Bob Caldwell,John MacArthur,Joel Beeke,James M. Boice
  9. ADKing

    ADKing Puritan Board Junior

  10. coramdeo

    coramdeo Puritan Board Sophomore

    Right now, and because I have a burden focused on the lost inside the visible church..
    Paul Washer
  11. Jack K

    Jack K Puritan Board Professor

    Yes. I'm listening to that Azurdia series too. Good as always.

    I also listen pretty regularly to Keller, DA Carson, Mike Horton, readings of Spurgeon and the Christ the Center podcast (though it doesn't count as "sermons").
  12. heartoflesh

    heartoflesh Puritan Board Junior

    I'm surprised no one's mentioned Albert Martin. (Oh, I see Robert did)
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  13. Beoga

    Beoga Puritan Board Freshman

    Do you know where this church plant is? Last I heard Azurdia was in the Portland area teaching at Western Seminary. If the church plant is in the Portland area I would love to go see him preach in person as he too is one of my favorite preachers to listen to.
  14. KSon

    KSon Puritan Board Junior

    He is now teaching part-time at the seminary. The church apparently meets in the chapel on the campus at Western:

    Distinguishing Features Of A Gospel Congregation by Dr. Art Azurdia
  15. tlharvey7

    tlharvey7 Puritan Board Freshman

    I really like this guy named Micah Edmondson, you can hear him here:
    Annual Sovereign Grace Bible Conference
    titled "The Construction of a Sovereign Grace Preacher"

    i also love David Miller, Paul Washer and R.C Sproul
  16. SolaScriptura

    SolaScriptura Puritan Board Doctor

    I love listening to myself preach. I get a shiver up my leg whenever I hear myself talk.
  17. CIT

    CIT Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    That must be nice, Ben. When I preach the Spirit comes upon so strongly that my body actually starts to shake! Oh wait, that is just nerves. :lol:
  18. kvanlaan

    kvanlaan Puritan Board Doctor

    Paul Washer, Joel Beeke, Bartel Elshout, Voddie Baucham, Phil Johnson, Richard Bacon.

    But Christo Heiberg beats 'em all hands down. :up:
  19. AThornquist

    AThornquist Puritan Board Doctor

    Paul Washer, John MacArthur, Al Martin, and the preachers at Heritage Baptist Church in Owensboro, KY (who will in the short future be my pastors, though not yet). I also listen to a lot of conference messages from Shepherd's Conference, T4G, Resolve, True Disciple, etc. My latest was two days ago when I listened to David Platt and Matt Chandler preach at the SBC Pastor's Conference, and they were fantastic.
  20. rsethib

    rsethib Puritan Board Freshman

    Dr. Ferguson as got to be a favorite of mine. If not only for his sound theology, but that rich Scottish accent doesn't hurt anything. I had the privilege of worshipping at FPC-Columbia early this summer. It was awesome to finally hear him live. But I also like Tim Keller. He makes good point. Piper does, too. But I don't agree a lot of the times with Piper, but see his logic. I like RC Sproul. I subscribe to Tabletalk so I guess you could say I'm sorta of a junkie with those guys.
  21. nicnap

    nicnap Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Joel Beeke, Joey Pipa, Joe Morecraft, Nathan Trice...these are in no particular order.
  22. Sgt Grit

    Sgt Grit Puritan Board Freshman

    Al Martin, John Macarthur, Paul Washer and RC Sproul. I was saved while listening to John Macarthur so I’ll always have a soft spot for him and his ministry. I like Paul Washer because I have a heart for the unregenerate that sit in the pews week after week, like I did for so many years.
  23. Montanablue

    Montanablue Puritan Board Doctor

    Tim Keller and D.A. Carson
  24. baron

    baron Puritan Board Graduate

    Steve Brown, John MacArthur
  25. TaylorOtwell

    TaylorOtwell Puritan Board Junior

    Stuart Olyott, and a brother named Michael Phillips that preaches at Grace Baptist Church in California (on SermonAudio). I think I just stumbled across Michael Phillips one day on SermonAudio and he has become probably my favorite preacher to listen to.
  26. dudley

    dudley Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Dr. Art Azurdia is a preacher I admire and I particularly liked his two part sermon on Worship: “On Earth As It Is In Heaven” He covers how the Gospel should influence our worship. I enjoyed listening to both sermons.

    I also like Paul Washer, also a Baptist preacher who I find interesting to listen too. I am a Presbyterian and like my local Presbyterian ministers. However I am impressed with many good Baptist preachers!

    I am also a fan of CH Spurgeon, also a Baptist, but I believe was a calvinist as I am. I have only been able to read his sermons. I wish I could have heard him preach.
  27. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    That's amazing! I found the church's website about five years ago! I don't listen to the sermons (don't know why really), but I have read many of them. He is a very down-to-earth, honest preacher. I like his approach very much. I have benefitted from his preaching. Small world!

    I don't listen to much preaching, come to think of it. I read. I don't know why I don't listen to much preaching. It's strange.
  28. 21st Century Calvinist

    21st Century Calvinist Puritan Board Junior

    In alphabetical order: Alastair Begg, Bryan Chapell, Sinclair Ferguson, George Grant (Parish Pres, Franklin, TN), Donald Macleod (FC College, Edinburgh), David Meredith (Smithton FC, Inverness), Richard Pratt, R C Sproul, Kenneth Stewart (Dowanvale FC, Glasgow)
    Discussion programs I listen to are Christ the Center, Ordinary Means and White Horse Inn.
  29. Austin

    Austin Puritan Board Freshman

    Tim Keller is always great. As are my former profs at RTS Jackson (Derek Thomas & Ralph Davis were my favorites, though they were all great). Another I like is my friend Charlie Carlberg, pastor of All Saints Anglican in Greenville, SC.
  30. Ask Mr. Religion

    Ask Mr. Religion Flatly Unflappable

    Anything of yours at sermonaudio or elsewhere? I could use some shivering here in Arizona right about now. ;)

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