Who are the Puritans, and What Did they Teach? Audio CD!

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C. Matthew McMahon

Christian Preacher
It may be that you are interested in the Puritans, but don't know where to start looking since there are so many of their theological writings in print. Or it may be that you are very interested in the theological writings of the Puritans, and would like to hear more about their lives and their theology. It may even be that you simply desire to be edified around sound doctrine as a Christian. Do you need to hear about the mortification of sin? the true calling of a pastor? faith? salvation? the doctrines of grace? the regulative principle of worship? Then this CD is for you.

Some of the Puritans and their writings that are discussed are:

William Perkins and his work "The Causes of Salvation and Damnation"

Williams Ames and his work "The Marrow of Theology"

Jeremiah Burroughs and his work "Gospel Worship"

Thomas Goodwin and his work on "Justification"

Richard Baxter and the "The Reformed Pastor"

as well as other Puritans such as 
John Owen (The Atonement)
Christopher Love (The Mortification of Sin)
Thomas Watson (Christian Zeal)
Thomas Manton (The Temptation of Christ)
The Synod of Dordt (The Doctrines of TULIP)
...and much more! 18 Lectures in all!

The CD is in MP3 format.

Check it out at:
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