What sort of mp3 player should I get?

Discussion in 'Computers & Technology' started by LadyCalvinist, Apr 16, 2019 at 6:23 PM.

  1. LadyCalvinist

    LadyCalvinist Puritan Board Junior

    I recently bought a new car and it does not have the capability of playing cds. I have a 16GB iPod but it does not begin to hold all my music and audiobooks. I am not sure what to get. I need something that I can play in my car but will also have a lot of memory. I am thinking of getting either a 64GB refurbished iPod, which would be about $209 or a brand new iPod with 128 GB storage for $299 which is probably more than I need. Any suggestions?
  2. Edward

    Edward Puritan Board Doctor

    Before you spend money - have you checked to see if you can just plug in a thumb drive with your mp3s on it? (You may have to re-format the thumb drive before loading the music.) Other than checking the manual (not a fun task with modern cars - I ended up having to Google to figure out how to change the clock on my wife's car) or Googling - does the car have a usb port somewhere? Thumb drives are cheap.

  3. ZackF

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    Have you thought about just using your phone? Do you have a smartphone? Many phones, especially at the $300 price point, will accept an SD card that will hold as much you need.
  4. VictorBravo

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    I've got a budget Samsung Galaxy J3 for less than half that with a high capacity SD card. If your new car has bluetooth, you could run it through that.

    Only downside is if you get lots of phone calls you'd have annoying interruptions, but at least it's all "hands free."

    Otherwise, Edward's idea is good too. I have an old flash drive that plugs into a port on the dash. My vehicle is a 2012 Ford.

    But before I got all high-tech, I had several little generic mp3 players that I could fill from a laptop. Even the $12 versions seemed to have pretty good quality with a decent set of headphones. Some states may frown on driving with headphones, though.

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