What should I eat for dinner?

Discussion in 'The Iron Chef' started by Zenas, Jan 13, 2009.

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  1. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    My wife is bugging me to tell her what we should eat for dinner, and I have no idea what we have or any new ideas on what to eat.

  2. nicnap

    nicnap Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    Pork tenderloin...

    -----Added 1/13/2009 at 05:21:39 EST-----

    marinate it in dijon mustard; then coat it in apple butter, and cook it covered for 45 minutes at 375; then uncovered for another 20-25 minutes. Make sides as you choose.
  3. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill


  4. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    Well, if I go with food that eliminates tin foil, motor oil, broken plates, and last year's law books. :um:
  5. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    Barbecued spare ribs, mashed potatoes, yams, or maybe prime rib and baked potato, with apple pie--all homemade.

    At least for a start.;)
  6. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    Ok we're poor or we at least try to live like it because we're freaked out about not having extra cash when we need it.
  7. PresbyDane

    PresbyDane Puritanboard Doctor

    Potatos and Frikadeller (danish meat balls)
  8. LawrenceU

    LawrenceU Puritan Board Doctor

    Fried eggs, grits, bacon and biscuits. Cheap, easy, and sticks to the ribs.
  9. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    Mmm. That would be good.
  10. Abd_Yesua_alMasih

    Abd_Yesua_alMasih Puritan Board Junior

    "Man can not live on bread alone but..."
  11. Mushroom

    Mushroom Puritan Board Doctor

    Venison roast. At least that's what we're having here...
  12. fredtgreco

    fredtgreco Vanilla Westminsterian Staff Member

    They say that you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach him to fish and feed him for a week.

    Let me tell you, brother, this is not going to be the last time this happens. And it will be worse when you are working at a law firm up to your ears in stuff, and she calls you at 3PM and expects you to "figure out what you want for dinner." It is not so easy. You'll suggest one thing. She will say she does not have the ingredients. Suggest another - too much prep time needed. You get the picture?

    Let me suggest that the two of you work out about 10 meals that you both like to eat and she can make. Then it might be good to plan a menu for the next week or so. Doesn't need to be set in stone - she can move a meal, or substitute. But it gives her a place to start, knowing that if she makes that, you'll eat it, and like it.
  13. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    OK, baked beans with sliced hot dogs poured onto macaroni and heated canned tomatoes. Serve with a glass of cheap but sturdy red table wine, nothing fancy.

    That's how we used to live in style, back in the day. You'll have fond memories.
  14. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Hamburger helper. Burger Thing. Bananas. Cracker Jack. The unidentified thing in the back of the frig. Imagine the possibilities...

  15. VictorBravo

    VictorBravo Administrator Staff Member

    :lol: I still get that! I usually say, "how 'bout that wonderful bean soup and whatever meat we have in the freezer?"

    Seriously, excellent idea, Fred. Although our approach to evening meals is we find something we like, eat it for months until we can't stand it, and then find something else. . . .
  16. OPC'n

    OPC'n Puritan Board Doctor

    tacos! yummm!
  17. wsw201

    wsw201 Puritan Board Senior

    Frito Pie! Can't beat it.
  18. Zenas

    Zenas Snow Miser

    I'm actually in the mood for some hotdogs.

    We're going to do eggs, bacon, and some dinner rolls. We need to go to the store again though I think, so I'm getting some hotdogs.
  19. Theognome

    Theognome Burrito Bill

    Breakfast for dinner?

  20. Seb

    Seb Puritan Board Junior

    Hot wings, celery, carrots, and blue-cheese dressing. Washed down with beer or sweet tea.
  21. Mushroom

    Mushroom Puritan Board Doctor

    My wife and kids insist on it at least once a month. Never figured out why, but its pretty good.
  22. jaybird0827

    jaybird0827 PuritanBoard Honor Roll

    Spaghetti topped with Sockarooni sauce, a green salad and a loaf of French baguette, served with red wine.
  23. Zeno333

    Zeno333 Puritan Board Freshman

    When in doubt, let Stouffer's do the cooking ;) ;)
  24. Theoretical

    Theoretical Puritan Board Professor


    Eggs with onions, peppers (spicy or bell), and either sausage or bacon go an amazingly long way value-wise for meals, and are delicious.
  25. Grymir

    Grymir Puritan Board Graduate

    Baked spaghetti! Brown 1 pound hamburger, cook noodles and drain, add one can spag sauce. Bake at 350 for 45 minutes and you will have a great family dinner. Toast some bread, sprinkle with garlic and salt, and you've got garlic bread too!!
  26. MrMerlin777

    MrMerlin777 Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    College breakfast. (cold pizza and warm beer) ;)
  27. bookslover

    bookslover Puritan Board Professor

    Grits...a major reason the South lost the Civil War. That, and collard greens...:lol:
  28. OPC'n

    OPC'n Puritan Board Doctor

    Soon it will be time for the midnight snack!
  29. Presbyterian Deacon

    Presbyterian Deacon Puritan Board Graduate

    We do it here too. My son calls it "backwards day". We'll have pizza for breakfast, and eggs and cereal at supper time.

    It's usually a Saturday that we do it, and at lunch time we start with cookies or cake and have grilled cheese sandwiches for dessert.

    fun, fun, fun!:lol:
  30. ManleyBeasley

    ManleyBeasley Puritan Board Junior

    I recommend "taco night". Just cook some ground beef. Put in the taco seasoning from Walmart. Get cheese, lettuce, sour cream , tortillas etc. Put it out buffet style and pig out. Cheap and easy. Plus...tacos are amazing.:bouncy:
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