What kind of positions from legitimate Bible-teachers do exist on the subject of the start and the end of the Sabbath?

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Hello people of Jah!

I found some information on this question on this website:

Are those information correct, about Perkins, Bownde, Shepard, Edwards and Owen?

Of course you can add also information from other legitimate Bible-teachers or reformed confessions. I would be interested!

And i would like to know what you are thinking, when someone would say that God has given there a freedom and alleviation on this question to choose among the legitimate positions that position which fits best to your life (as long as you are consistent in holding that position and not changing it spontaneously for that your Sabbath does not get broken).

[I am from Germany, i am sorry when my text has some bad English or at worse is even suspicious]

All praise to the Lord!
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