What is your ONE TOP recommendation of a must-read book?

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Do multi-volume works count: If so, the Sermons of Spurgeon would definitely be ones to grab.

If not, Ferguson's The Christian Life would be one to read.

Of course, you can cheat and get an iPad wired with Logos, iTunes, Kindle, Nook, and Audacity accounts. :p


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Elisha Coles - A Practical Discourse on the Sovereignty of God

-comes recommended by John Owen and William Romaine.

In the letter that Whitfield wrote to John Wesley, reprimanding him for his stance against God's Sovereignty, Whitfield recommends Elisha Coles' work.

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and...here is a place you can print a copy or read a copy online.

A practical discourse of God's sovereignty : With other material points derived thence. Viz. Of the righteousness of God. Of election. Of redemption. Of effectual calling. Of perseverance. : Coles, Elisha, 1608?-1688 : Free Download & Streaming : Int

How bout this? I will have the next giveaway be an old copy of the work.....how bout that for Top Recommendation?!


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Since I must play by the rules and cannot repeat the great titles that have been ripped away from me, I will submit another great one:
Christianity and Liberalism, J. Gresham Machen


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Many that I recommend have already been listed but one (very affordable) book that I frequently give away to ensure that people understand the balance of the biblical Gospel is "Today's Gospel" by Walt Chantry.


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Since most of the best theological and devotional books have been mentioned, I will pursue a slightly different track.

It is a tie between " Reflections on the Revolution in France" by Edmund Burke, "A Tale of Two Cities" by Charles Dickens, or "Enemies of the Permanent things" by Russell Kirk. In each of these books you will see clearly the conflict between a secularist , man-centered, statist view of society, vs. that of a God-honoring, Christian oriented, permanent principles society. In my humble opinion not only are most Americans unaware of this clash of two world views, but so are many of our fellow Evangelicals also.

E Nomine

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Biblical Economics in Comics - Vic Lockman


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As far as missiology goes When Helping Hurts: How to Alleviate Poverty without Hurting the Poor...and Yourself by Steve Corbett & Brian Fikkert. Excellent resource.


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I count it as one book, but it is one book that was too large to fit into one volume. Herman Bavinck's, Reformed Dogmatics; it is arguably the most important post-Reformation work. (Although I love a'Brakel's, The Christian's Reasonable Service, I would say you would want to have Bavinck.
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