What is your job/career?

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Well, I'm currently a full-time student. I've had several different jobs over the past couple of years (some part-time, some full-time): daycare assistant, biology tutor, respite care provider, nursing assistant / personal care attendent . . .
Hopefully, in 2 years I'll be done with school and have my RN license!

Philip A

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I am a civilian mechanical design engineer for the Navy at China Lake.
The security department allows me to tell you that I am an engineer on base ;)

I make cool toys for Navy flyboys. :cool:


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I've had my share of jobs as well. Currently I'm a life and health insurance agent, focusing mainly on health.


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I started out working on Fighter Jets in the Navy. Worked at a Dialysis Center for a while. Worked for a Christian bookstore while going to School. Worked for Minolta Business Systems as a Service Tecn. Been on Disability for going on four years. Viral Cardiomyopathy. A Virus almost killed my heart.


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Wife, momma, homemaker, teacher, dressmaker, and independant consultant.

Formerly a manuscript typist (my name is in a book!), nanny, temporary receptionist for a law group, church librarian, and sunday school secretary. (oh, and toss in waitress as well, but many have done that)

There's my resume...pretty simplistic.


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Former US Army Ranger. What else is there? Seriously.

Well, though nothing is as cool as being a Ranger, some other relatively highpoints in my vocational past are: I was a youth pastor, in college I was a teacher's assistant, I was a security supervisor at a very large company, and now I'm a chaplain candidate in the US Army.

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I am blessed to be a stay-at-home-full-time Mommy to a couple of little olive plants. I also am a HuguenotHelpMeet.

Before the kids, I worked with hubby at a lawfirm in DC. I was the receptionist for a couple of years and then the file manager.

I was a Sonic car hop in highschool as well as a grocery store cashier.

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I was:
a cook at a fast food joint
a dishwasher at an officer's club
a salesman at sears
an army medic
an army helicopter pilot
a coast guard helicopter pilot
a navy helicopter flight instructor
a flightsafety classroom instructor
a usairways pilot instructor

and now I'm a civilian helicopter ems pilot...and my eldest son's home schooling teacher/coach/mentor (5th grade)

and for the other thread, I'm 50

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I was a professional student for 7 years, a landscaper and car washer for a year and a half, an intern pastor for one year and now I am an ordained pastor.


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Bi-vocational Minister.
My "secular vocation" has me working in shipping/recieving in a warehouse 3 days a week.
Also an M.Div candidate with Whitefield Theological Seminary.


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Software Developer for the past 22 years of major "geek-friendly" file systems, device drivers, compiler code generator, various/sundry miscelleaous formats and low-level system utilites. Currently coding security related software for an object-oriented metadata server (co-inventor of a Patent-pending process for a portion of such).

I speak Assembler, C, Java, SAS Datastep and Macro, SQL, etc. and hope to be reading Biblical Hebrew respectably in the next 3 years or so. :) My English could be better :p

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I've worked at:
Christian bookstores,
Paralegal in Philadelphia,
Graduate assistant,
Now for the government as an archivist


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Military Police
Loss Prevention
Life Insurance Salesman
Furniture Salesman
Retail sales/manager
Currently opening a fitness related franchise called "L.A. Boxing"


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Originally posted by Greg
I'm an electrician. Been in the trade now for 10 years.
Good to see another brother in the trade. I have 14 years. Before that I was a supervisor in the printed circuit board manufacturing industry for 20 years.
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