What is(are) Your Favorite Book(s) in Your Library?

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These are some of my favorites:

Works of Jonathan Edwards (2 Vol BoT)
Reformed Confessions Harmonized (Beeke & Ferguson)
Desiring God by John Piper
A Quest for Godliness by JI Packer
Old Paths JC Ryle
Christian Leaders of the 18th Century JC Ryle
John Paton (Autobiography)


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Clarks "Christian view of men and things" - covers a lot of ground, really made me realize that christianity is a holistic worldview

Calvins "Institutes"

Packers "Knowing God" - almost like Institutes-lite. Full of wisdom


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What is/are your favorite/s book/s in your library and why? Do you have a great story about the book? How you acquired it. Who previously owned it, etc?

I am one that has a small but sanctified library. I have two books which I am very fond of because two close and beloved friends gave them to us around the time when we became members of a "truly" reformed church last May. They are, Saving Faith by John Colquhoun and Sermons on IMPORTANT DOCTRINES also by John Colquhoun both are published by Northampton Press.

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I love those two books as well. You should get Colquhoun's Discourse on the Law and the Gospel. I think that's my favorite.


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An Earnest Ministry: The Want of the Times, by John Angell James. I read through it every year.

Witsius' Economy.

The Practice of Godliness, by Abraham Kuyper.

Letters of Thomas Chalmers, by Thomas Chalmers

Just to name a few.

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