What Elements Should Be Used?

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But Jesus did say "do this in remembrance of me" not "do it exactly like this, every jot and tittle, to correctly remember me".

Hence the wisdom and simplicity of our confession:

WCF 29:3 "The Lord Jesus hath, in this ordinance, appointed his ministers to declare his word of institution to the people, to pray, and bless the elements of bread and wine..."


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Underage drinking does not only apply in public settings. Private house parties can be broken up and people arrested as well.

I don't know about consumption in the dry county, but I do know you cannot purchase it in the county.
You can purchase it somewhere else and consume privately. The 21st amendment, ?, forbids the government from making it illegal for citizens of age to consume alcohol, but they can make it illegal to sell.
As far as children consuming alcohol in communion as long as they don't consume enough to be intoxicated. But even if it is illegal do you really want to be a police officer, DA, or politician who breaks into a church and arrests people for giving children a sip of wine strictly for religious reasons? The case would automatically be appealed on freedom of religion grounds and probably be overturned (assuming the highly unlikely chance of an original guilty sentence) and being a massive waste of taxpayer money only to be overturned. Why not spend that money on cases that will not be overturned or involve constitutional questions?
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