What does baptism accomplish?

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Rich: I read it but still don't see it. I do see your point about baptism making the Gospel personal to a believer though, which is why I am credo.

Also, can you explain more about ther terminology "seal"?

Cheers, hows the fam settling into the good ol' US of A?

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It may be as well to divide the question into two parts.
1. What does baptism accomplish in worthy recipients?
2. What does baptism accomplish in unworthy recipients?


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I cut and paste this part of an article that was sent to me. If you want I can send you the whole article. In the middle of the thread KIm said she wanted information so I tried to help. Why do you impute a sinister motive to this? Disingenuous ?:rolleyes:
Your first post was suggestive of similar things,just a bit shorter.
The article I quoted from is available from S.G.B.C.S.V.
I cut and paste part of the article so as to try and not be too long with the post.
I did not dispute your post as I know that is what you believe, although I could. That is what I understand the moderater's caution to have been.


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I answered your question about how Baptism is different than a broad application of the Gospel. Did you skim what I wrote or did you actually read it?

The benefits are sealed to the believer on the basis of two immutable things - a God who cannot lie and a promise. That which is outwardly promised can be looked upon as assurance that God is certain to save not just any man but the person who has heard a personal promise.

Why did God promise Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob personally when just anyone can listen to the Gospel and believe?

I know you are speaking of Hebrews 6:17-20. Would you be interested in discussing this in a seperate thread? Let's see where it will go!
I will start a new thread.
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