We had a Scottish Pastor Preach today from Airdrie RPCS.

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Rev. Andrew Quigley came to Indianapolis this weekend from Airdrie Scotland. He is Pastor of Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church in Scotland.

Airdrie Reformed Presbyterian Church - Home page

He preached on Luke 7:36-50 with a lot of power. On the way home from worship Daniel asked a question. "Do you know how you know you had a great morning in worship?" I didn't know where he was going with the question so I just kind of shrugged. He said, "You can tell by how silent the car is on the way home." Daniel said the sermon was so good all he wanted to do was play it over and over in his head.

I agree with what Daniel was saying. Rev. Quigley was awesome. Scotland has a gift in him. He must have some awesome Elders and people behind him. He also must have some major prayer behind him. The sermon was so good. If it gets posted on my Church's sermon page I am going to post it here. This man of God preaches with a fire in his bosom. In the evening service he preached from 1 Samuel 17.

The RPCS also has a great web page teaching the history of the Reformation.....

Reformation History

Scotland has been on my Pastor Roy Blackwood's heart for so long. Roy loves teaching about Scotland. I was in his first Church History Class he taught in the mid 80's. My Son Daniel and I were both in the last Church History Class he taught at 2nd RP. Scotland and the Covenanters got a lot of attention. I believe that is one of the reasons 2nd RP has taken a special interest in Airdrie RPCS. Reverend Quigley shared how the Children in Scotland have no idea who Jesus is. The home land of the Covenanting Church is basically off the map now concerning the truth. But I am convinced if God keeps putting men in the ministry like Rev. Quigley, he is going to do a work. That man is a proven man who can preach the Word of God.

Thanks for opening the Word of God for us Reverend Quigley.
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