Was Adam indwelt by the Holy Spirit pre-Fall?

Discussion in 'Pneumatology' started by Goodcheer68, Jan 12, 2019.

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  1. Dachaser

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    Not trying to derail the thread here, but when you say Jesus came as in our corrupted flesh, was He not though not corrupted/tainted by the fall, via the Virgin Birth, so was human, but not sin natured as all others of us have been born as since Adam?
  2. Dachaser

    Dachaser Puritan Board Doctor

    Adam was created in spiritual harmony with his maker, so until he sinned, why would he need to be indwelt by the Holy Spirit, since he was already in a right relationship with and obeying God?
  3. Contra_Mundum

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    Rom.8:3, God sent the Son "in the likeness of sinful flesh." He came clothed (so to speak) in exactly the same human flesh that you have. It was naturally affected, but not morally affected, by the effects of the fall. If it wasn't naturally affected, then conceivably Jesus mightn't have expired when his murder was attempted. He could conceivably have been "comic-book-superhero-Jesus."

    "Life" is actually independent of the "bodily systems" that sustain it in our flesh. Take an unfallen sinless man, wreck his uncorrupted body, and he's not dead. Carve it up, burn it, atomize it, he's still not dead. If God gave him his body back whole again, he still never died (as we understand death's fundamental) even while he lacked his animated body. Jesus, however, DIED. He did so because he had a real, human post-fall body (not yet glorified). He also bore in it the awful wrath of God, holy judgment against moral indecency (not his own).

    Men born of ordinary generation are dead by nature--spiritually they are dead in sin (morally defective), and corruption dwells in their flesh, bred in the bone. A vigorous, healthy baby already (in a sense) has the smell of his death with him. He is naturally defective, born to trouble as sparks fly upward; inevitable decay is only delayed. Jesus was impeccable morally, not (strictly) because of his Virgin birth, but because of who he is in himself--a sinless Person. He had existence beforehand, and was already Righteous. He could not sin, and thank God he couldn't, for then he wouldn't. But he still had the very likeness of our sinful (corrupt) flesh.

    The Virgin birth--more precisely the divine conception by the Holy Spirit--was the means by which the Savior's entrance was preserved from any corrupting taint of sin upon his human flesh, acquired as it was from his (sinful) mother. The powerful control of the Holy Spirit being constantly on guard (comparable to his labor in Gen1:2) completely negated the innate corruption that belongs to us (humans) by nature on account of sin. Death had no power, no claim on Jesus, never. But still, he could die because the human nature he bore was susceptible to death, irrespective of his moral perfection.
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