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  1. bemer

    bemer Puritan Board Freshman

    Has anyone tried reading the Latin Vulgate New Testament? If you have any familiarity with the English bible, it's very easy to follow, and I've found it to be a good way of brushing up on my (pretty much forgotten) Latin.
  2. jawyman

    jawyman Puritan Board Junior

    Bob, I have never read the Vulgate to read it like I would English, but I do use it for my sermon prep. When I am doing my word studies I read my text in several different languages and Latin is definitely one of them. I doubt this answers your question, but I wanted you to know some of us continue to use the Vulgate.
  3. Guido's Brother

    Guido's Brother Puritan Board Junior

  4. au5t1n

    au5t1n Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    I tried to get my feet wet in it when I was studying Latin. I remember reading John 1 in the Vulgate.
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