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Righteousness ISN'T "passed like a gas" across the courtroom. (what a dull and insipid analogy). We are "found" in Christ!
Is it at all helpful to point out also that having Christ's perfect righteousness imputed to you is not being given the essential righteousness of the judge, or the righteousness of his verdict? It is the obedience of one man, though that man is God, which is given to us: it is in that sense a human righteousness (the satisfaction and obedience that man owed to the law), though it is acceptable to God, and bestowed on us by Him.


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Wright's view of justification is not biblical. It is a wrong direction for any Reformed Protestant to take. Wrights view of Justification denies the view that it is by faith alone in Christ alone that we are saved and not by any righteous merit of our own. Wrights view is almost the same as the view of Roman Catholicism in that says it is also by our merits that we are saved.

The true Protestant doctrine of Justification is that we are saved by our faith alone in Christ alone and we are made righteous by that faith in Christ and His one and only needed sacrifice on Calvary for all who place their faith in Him alone. The Protestant doctrine of Justification by Faith alone is and has been since the Reformation a primary dividing line between what makes us Protestants and what is really a Roman Catholic

To be a member in good standing of the Puritan Board I would stand with the position that you must adhere to the Reformed Confessions and the Protestant doctrine of Justification by faith alone.

As a Reformed Protestant I renounce the papist and Roman catholic doctrine of Justification by faith and works as I do all the non biblical teachings and heresies of Rome and her pope and Roman Catholicism. If we are Reformed Protestants we should renounce all of Rome’s false and heretical teachings as did the Reformers of the Reformation.

Why would any one who would profess such a position such as Wright expect to be a member of the PB and in good standing?


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It is wrong to call Wright Popish on this issue, but at best it is arminianism dressed up in Kuyperian clothing.
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