USB Wi-Fi dongle for Vista not working

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A friend has had his phone sockets reduced and is trying to connect over wi-fi.

Managed to install the dongle, it was working but would not "handshake" with hub. Any ideas? - buying a new laptop is not an answer!


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1. Is it an old dongle? Because Vista is pretty far out of date (and was never a good operating system) (of course, I'm an XP fan. Drivers might be an issue.

2. If the dongle works, is it compatible with the router? Do they speak a common language? ac (newest), b, c, n, g etc?

3. Do they even sell laptops without built in wifi? Why is he using a dongle? Is the wifi router trying to talk to the laptop instead of the dongle? Is the laptop trying to talk to the internal device instead of the dongle?

Edited to add 802.11 g to the list
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