Urian Oakes on victorious Christian living

Reformed Covenanter

Puritanboard Commissioner
Concl. 4. Every true Believer manageth a successful War, and is sure of Conquest. My meaning is not that every Christian hath a certainty of persuasion that he shall prevail, or overcome; for many an one is ready to say sometimes that he shall one day fall by the hand of this or that Saul: but there is a certainty of the thing in itself. I speak of the certainty of the object, or the truth of this Proposition [Every Believer shall certainly conquer the Enemies of his Soul] not of the certainty of the Subject, the certioration of the Believer, or his persuasion and assurance that he shall be victorious at last. A Believer shall certainly win the day and conquer all Opposers, whatever his unbelieving heart may at any time suggest to the contrary. Hence Paul speaks of it as a thing done: we do more then overcome. This may be made out thus:

1. A Believer in this life gets many signal Victories. He is not able indeed utterly to drive out the Canaanites, they will abide in his Land (Heart, I mean) and be rebelling and vexing him frequently: but the Lord gives him many remarkable victories over them. There are some memorable days and happy times wherein the People of God come out of the Field victorious, and triumph over their spiritual Enemies. They set their feet in the neck of their Lusts, and lay their Corruptions bleeding at their feet, and do so resist Satan as to rout him and put him to flight. ...

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