Undone in Sorrow—Ola Belle Reed

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C. M. Sheffield

Puritan Board Senior

Over yonder in the graveyard,
Where the wild, wild flowers grow,
Oh, there they lay o'er my true lover,
She's gone from me forever more.

Fairer than the sweetest flower,
Restless as the wildest wind,
Born with a love deep as the ocean,
This was the girl that I did win.

I left her there back in the mountains,
To see the world, riches to gain,
Oh, when I returned no earthly treasure,
Could ease this heart so full of pain.

There so high upon that mountain,
Beneath that little mound of clay,
Oh, the girl that I returned to marry
So still among the flowers she lay.

I'll go away and I will wander
Lay aside my earthly gai,
And I'll not end it, the man with riches
Undone in sorrow I remain,
Undone in sorrow I remain.
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