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Discussion in 'Puritan Literature' started by Don Kistler, Jan 27, 2009.

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  1. Don Kistler

    Don Kistler Puritan Board Sophomore

    Folks, I'm glad to announce two new titles from the Northampton Press.

    1. "The Christian on the Mount," is Thomas Watson's treatise on Christian meditation. It is not in any current work in print by Watson, and has, in fact, been out of print since the early 1800's. I've retypeset and edited it for better readability.

    This 132 page hardback book will retail for $15, but is being offered at the pre-publication price of $10 until March 1, plus $5 postage.

    2. "Light and Heat: The Puritan View of the Pulpit" is a terrific look at what made Puritan preaching so effective, and, by comparison, why modern preaching is so paltry. The second part of this book is "The Focus of the Gospel in Puritan Preaching," and is a comparison of modern evangelical methods with Puritan preaching.

    This is the best book on the subject of Puritan preaching I've read. This 192 page hardback book will retail for $15, but also can be purchased until March 1 for $10, plus $5 postage.

    If you purchase both books together, the postage for both is only $5.

    For more information, go to
  2. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor

    I'm heading to your website, brother.
  3. Rev. Todd Ruddell

    Rev. Todd Ruddell Puritan Board Junior

    Thanks for your labors, Dr. Don!
  4. Backwoods Presbyterian

    Backwoods Presbyterian Puritan Board Doctor

    :ditto: to the above...
  5. Quickened

    Quickened Puritan Board Senior

    Good package deal! Ordered mine!
  6. nicnap

    nicnap Puritan Board Post-Graduate

    :ditto: to the :ditto:
  7. Pilgrim72

    Pilgrim72 Puritan Board Junior

    Thank you so much!!! I've been waiting for the Watson book!
  8. Don Kistler

    Don Kistler Puritan Board Sophomore

    Here's an endorsement from Joel Beeke on the Watson book on meditation:

    "The Puritans were thoroughly Reformed, consistent, and persistent in using 'the art of meditation' as an important spiritual discipline and half-way house between the reading of Scripture and prayer. More than forty Puritans wrote books on the subject. Today we have reaped the fruits of not understanding that a non-meditative, mindless Christianity soon produces a spineless Christianity. Thomas Watson's guide for meditation is one of the best and briefest on the subject. If you wish to transform your spiritual disciplines for the better, read, re-read, and then put into practice this precious little book."
    --Dr. Joel R. Beeke, Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  9. PresbyDane

    PresbyDane Puritanboard Doctor

    I got to have those
  10. Ivan

    Ivan Pastor


    Because it's a great offer on great books.
  11. caoclan

    caoclan Puritan Board Freshman

    Thanks for the other works you have collected as well. I recently purchased Sermons on the Lord's Supper and am enjoying it very much.:up::edwards:
  12. Pilgrim72

    Pilgrim72 Puritan Board Junior

    I should say, I received my book from Dr. Kistler. And it's a beautiful book.
    I first read this work on Google Books. But to read it again with book in hand is even more special.
    The topic of Christian Meditation is very important to me. I hope to be able to more and more incorporate this practice in my life.
  13. Puritan Sailor

    Puritan Sailor Moderator

    Excellent quote!
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