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Hello All,

I have been seeing increased discussions on two kingdoms doctrine and I am not so familiar with its concepts. I came to the conclusion that its linked to Augustines book "The City of God" and most articles credit it to Luther. Apparently Abraham Kuyper came up with a different view called Sphere Sovereignty. Is anybody able to provide insight into the two views of what they believe and perhaps some good books to read to understand the material. Looking for overview material not deep theological works.




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There are already a lot of really good PB threads on this topic so use the search. But my 2nd best advise is to always define your terms and ask others do so as well. People mean different things when they say “two kingdoms”. Some mean the historical view taught in the Westminster Standards which is consistent with the Establishment Principle on one end of the spectrum.

In sharp contrast, some mean by “two kingdoms” a view that separates government to such an extent that you can lawfully condemn homosexuality in the pulpit, but still vote to support gay marriage at the ballot box. This view is strange and in my opinion is in serious error.

And of course there are some who use “two kingdoms” for something in between. Search R.Scott Clark’s explanations of his own view for an example.

Here are two threads I started and another one I did not start. (I hold to the Two Kingdom view and the Establishment Principle as described in the original Westminster Standards):



And for clear and concise statements:

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