Twins everywhere - seeing Psalms in stereo

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Twins everywhere - seeing Psalms in stereo

You are at the right hand of the poor (Ps 109)
You are at the right hand of God (ps 110)
Pairs of Psalms fraternal and similar, even some separated at birth

In the curtain-raiser overture, scales of glory to Jesus, the blessed man, humbled and exalted, Ps 1 through 8.
Ps 8 was sung to the stressed tune of the wine-press (Gittith), a strange musical celebration of the exaltation in Ps 8
A song played by an instrument of Gath, an instrument of an enemy
A song played by an instrument of Gath, a place named after the wine press
Overture begun begins with the humiliation and exaltation of Jesus
The wine press finds deep resonance
1 Cor 15, Eph 1, Heb 2 and triumphal entry and even Mary in song tres Magnifique point here.

Overtaking the initial scales of Ps 1 through 8,
a new movement and a twin Psalm with another distressed song.
Ps 9 and Ps 10, sings to a dire sounding tune ‘the death of the son’, echoing the theme.

Inside the overture another pair,
an evening and a morning... like the overture to Genesis
an evening prayer Ps 3 and a morning prayer, Ps 4,
David waking after his sleep because the revolt of his son proved God was with him
Jesus waking after his death because of the revolt of Adam's race proved God was with him

Near the center of book 1, a pair about the king, and no ordinary king.
While some trust in chariots and horses but we will trust in the Lord our God in Ps 20, this King answers when we call
In Ps 21 this King is blessed with eternal life and indeed called most blessed of all time, forever
Who is this King?

Some psalms impart more than horse sense, with both Ps 32 and 33 referring to horses
A two horse race through the alphabet, where one leaves off the other starts
Do not be as a horse needing a bit and bridal, I will guide you in Psalm 32
And then God guides the reader into Psalm 33 where he is told victory doesn't come from horses

Some are separated at birth.

Psalm 1 and 2, the blessed man may have begun as one
Psalm 1 accent on the blessed man, the wicked perishing being ‘not so’
Psalm 2 accent on the wicked perishing who oppose the blessed man (Jesus Christ)
Written together, sometimes parted by time
Reunited in the gospel. Blessed is 'the man' and blessed are all those who take refuge in him.

Psalm 40 and 41 are also blessed man
Psalm 41 the blessed man who considers the poor, whose friend lifts his heel against him
Psalm 40 the blessed man, who knows that ‘a body is prepared’

A pair of pairs book-ending book 1
The blessed man
Double bookends, a divided quartet
Ps 1 and 2 - bookend
Ps 40 and 41 - bookend
A divided blessed man quartet in a book about the blessed man

In Ps 45 the King is married to a gentile bride
Thy throne oh God is forever and ever and the righteous scepter equals the scepter of your kingdom and In Ps 46 the women chorus answers back (Alomoth)
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.

A pair starting another book 2, on spiritual thirst
Ps 42 and 43, a pair written by a younger David
A pair of psalms of David nears the end of Book 2
Ps 70 an 71, crying for deliverance from enemies
a pair written by an older David
calling himself poor in 70,
But sounding richly provided for in 71

Book 2 has a dark center
Psalm 14 from book 1 comes back (virtually, almost nearly) shows up in book 2 as Psalm 53 bringing 3 friend with
Now a gang of 4 Psalms on Sing in pairs
Rightly, Ps 50 - God is Judge and Ps 51 - I am in need of forgiveness in 51, with pleas on the basis of who God is for mercy
Wrongly, in Ps 52 and 53, the wicked and fools plod on in sin, Ps 53 ( virtually, almost nearly Ps 14)

A back to back pair where God addresses the world, all the earth
Ps 49 The redemption of a man is costly
Ps 50 The sacrifice of God is thanksgiving

Book 3 has a crushed center
The soft tune of the lilies is heard
The songs turn to the vine, the branch, the man at your right hand, the son of man
The Messiah gloriously exalted in Ps 8 to the tune of wine-presses (Gittoth)
Now the tune wine-presses comes back, double strength, rolling over the soft tune of the lilies
Here at the middle of the middle book of the Psalms, the dark book of the Psalms book 3, the wine press songs.
Ps 81 Sings a call to repentance
Ps 84 Shows a place for the repentant, even the swallow finds a home in the sanctuary
The wine-press of judgment indeed came down on Korah, the baldy who stood against Moses and God's holiness
The new wine pours out now seen in Ps 84 as Korah's sons protect God's holiness and are trophy to His mercy

The most solemn twins of the dark book of the Psalms
Psalm 88 and 89 the Psalms of Heman and of Ethan
Heman's the bleakest lament. The God of my salvation has led me into darkness Yet called a psalm a praise.
Ethan's resonates with a song, God will never forget his beloved, his son, the seed of David, his anointed
anointed before, anointed during and anointed after being forsaken
Expected praise of 88 realized in 89

Book 4 has an enthroned center

Selah means lifted
and whether lifting with a rest, a tone, a pitch
thoughts are lifted and enriched

Psalm 95 calls to all come
do not harden your hearts


Pairs of Psalms go up together in the Psalms of enthronement
hand in hand up to the throne
lifting lifting the king

A pair steps up Ps 96 ascending to the Lord and rejoicing and Ps 97 going up with gladness
rejoice earth! God will judge
rejoice earth! God will destroy his enemies
And one can only rejoice if their hearts have not been hard to the good news
Declare His glory among the Nations
Rejoice earth.
God will judge

Selah, Selah

A pair steps up Ps 98 all mankind will see your salvation and in 99 God is thrice holy.
His holiness seen between cherubim, in his Messiah King, in the cloud that led
Israel and Judah smile and applause
Break out the strings
Break out the brass
The sea will provide percussion

Selah, Selah

On route to Ps 100,
Enter His gates
All the earth. This is for you
All generations. This is for you.


A pair ending a book 4, reciting history
Ps 105, what God did to Israel
Ps 106, what Israel did to god

Psalm 1, the door to the Psalms comes back in the last book expansively as Psalm 119
Some Psalms dance together around a theme in book 5

The smallest Psalm tweets to all the nations to come and worship in Psalm 117
The longest Psalm both receives from and prays to God in Psalm 119
From - a relentless reception of God’s word
To - a relentless prayer to God for help in keeping that word
Dancing together, revolving, orbit around the stone that the builders rejected in Psalm 118, indeed this is the day the Lord has made
the most middle of chapters and verse and a suitable place for a dance of dances encircling the king who is the chief cornerstone.
The king is the chief cornerstone of more than just the house of Psalms

At the center of Book 5 the lowly ascend in the song of ascents
'Out of the depths I cry to you" in Psalm 130
a lowly and humble person cries in Psalm 131

The pair born farthest apart,
Ps 90 the oldest by Moses at the start of book 4 teaches us to number our days
Ps 137 the newest, by the rivers of Babylon we laid down our harps but move on

Psalms 135 and 136 twins
help prepare for the end
Psalms 135 begin and end with Praise. Your name endures forever
Psalms 136 begin and end with Thanks. Your love endures forever

David makes a last sprint to the end with 7 songs
and a praise

Lastly, an encore, five songs of high praise
One each for each of the five book.
A grand pairing of books and psalms
A grand pairing of entrance and exit
We began with 'the blessed man'
We end with 'the blessed God'

The truth may be seen and sung
Sometimes contrasting
Sometimes reinforcing
Sometimes dancing
Truth seen in stereo
Worship felt in stereo

Normally very few per hundred births are twins
That rule gloriously exceeded in the house of Psalms
Twins everywhere
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True... and I was looking at 50 51 52 53 today... and I agree... I will have to see how close

50 is about God the judge, 51 about the sinner judged
52 and 53 (aka almost 14) about wicked and fools in sin

I will have to look closer.... I will add it in somehow
14 15 16 are a trio of sorts (all sinned.... who is righteous.... Jesus who God will not leave to decay )

... well... I patched it up with what you said... it's mainly written for pedagogical reasons and hopefully not over-complicated
I would like to patch it up to make it more useful for people who are reading the Psalms. and more apprroachable
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It's hard for me to tell if its not overcomplicated. The idea is to encourage people to read and think about the Psalms

It's really long, but maybe I should leave it be.... Psalms is not short
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