TV Theme Songs

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Here are some of my favorite TV theme songs. What are yours?















Richard King

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I like the theme songs that WG Snuffy Walden has written (like the theme to Thirtysomething)

come to think of it I think he did The Wonder Years also.

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Great themes, Andrew. Hill Street Blues and The Greatest American Hero are among the awesomest!

Here are some of the ones I like -



[video=youtube;MFanzoLm2dQ]]Route 66[/url] ... and ...







Semper Fidelis

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You crack me up. I just find it so ironic that such a strict Presbyterian loves all this stuff.

I'm going to be in Quantico for about a week in late October. Maybe we can link up and I can determine whether you are a spy on this board. ;)

It might be difficult but I'll try.

As to the question of my favorite TV theme songs:

Lost in Space (the second version)

My Son's Favorite Theme Songs:

(he actually asks me to sing those to him before he goes to sleep)


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:lol: That would be great, Rich. Just keep me posted and hopefully we can get together when you are here. Maybe I can even talk you into joining the Jeanine Garofalo fan club, er, I mean, we can talk about Reformed theology and stuff. Yeah, that's the ticket.


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A couple more cool TV show intros from the '70s:


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