Turretin and Justification

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For those of you familiar with the OPC disciplinary case last year at GA regarding Elder Kinnaird, I'm curious what you think about these letters from a Peter Wallace. He is defending Kinaird's views on justification as orthodox, essentially because he phrases his views like Turretin.




Here is a link to Kinnaird's statements so you can compare yourself.


Do you think he is right? Do you think Turretin was right?


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Turretin rocks. I would be hard pressed to believe he was wrong on an issue like that. He is my favorite theologian after Calvin.

I don't have time to read the papers, but can you give a short summary of the problem? I am not familiar with the trial.


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I am not familiar with the trial. But Ligonier ministries has a tape series on Turretin and justification (taught by John H. Gerstner). The great thing about the series is that it is a live class. Interaction with the students. I highly recommend it.
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