Top Five Introductions to Calvinism

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All of Grace: C. H. Spurgeon
liveing for God's glory: Joel R. Beeke
The Doctrines of Grace: Rediscovering the Evangelical Gospel: James Boice
The Sovereignty of God: Arthur W. Pink


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Excellent choices.

I would add the Westminster Standards, notebook format is handy (which Scripture proofs at the bottom of the page)

The Blue notebook binder: (also designed to contain the PCA Book of Church Order, both the Westminster Standards and BCO are the constitution of the PCA):

and this book by Mr. Palmer: Five Points of Calvinism, The (9780801069260): Edwin Palmer: Books

Marrow Man

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Boettner's The Reformed Faith is a good summary. It even gives you permission to make copies to give to others.


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How about a short work by the man Calvin himself? This is a great little piece that is accessible to a wide variety of readers. Who better to Introduce Calvinism than Calvin? Truth For All Time - Gift Edition (9781848710221): John Calvin: Books

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This is good too. Also by Calvin. Golden Booklet of the True Christian Life (9780801065286): John Calvin: Books

Both books could be read in succession, and would make great group study books.
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