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My pastor just started Amos. He gave the sense of how the beginning might read to the original audience, going from excitement to sobriety because the Lord's judgment included the Jews, because of their own injustice. He pointed us to Christ for salvation, having offered remarks on the wickedness of corruption.

What about your church?
A Faith that pushes across the finish line was the name regarding Jacob in Genesis 47-48 as he blesses Ephraim amd Mannessah and makes Joseph swear to take his body back to Canaan.
I have the joy of 3 men preparing for gospel ministry at my church: my intern, our elder candidate, and our youth minister (who preached last week for the first time, and is off to a solid start).

My intern preached this morning from Ps 40.1-3. All in all, very well done; he is improving in both his sense and handling of the text. Our elder candidate preached tonight from Lk 22/Jn 21 on Peter's threefold denial and Christ's threefold restoration; it was powerful and edifying.

A very sweet Lord's Day. I'm thankful to be working with godly, able brothers like these. Such a joy!
Preached in the AM, series in Genesis, ch.4, vv8-16a. Child of the Devil. Discussed anger, the first murder, and God's justice. Concluded by remembering this has not ceased to be Adam/Eve's story, and when Cain and his progeny have been treated and set by, the story of our first parents continues at the end of this ch.

Both their Sons of Hope (title of previous message) were lost to them in one incomprehensible tragedy: Cain was not a child of God, and hope for Abel turned into "futility." If hope was in those sons rather than in God and his promise, it would have rendered them hopeless. But there is One whose sprinkled blood speaks of better things than Abel's.

PM service, occasional communion message, Amos 9, To Death Pursued.
Acts 20, the nature of Paul's ministry: Faithful to the gospel above absolutely everything else including life itself, not holding back the Word of God, unselfish and not for personal gain, urgent regarding the souls of listeners, trusting in God for results, finishing strong.
At the ARP church I am visiting, Dr. Leslie Holmes (Erskine Seminary) preached on Christ as the sure anchor of our faith, drawing from Jeremiah 29:6-9 and the latter part of Hebrews 6.
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