To all alive on this earth: Psalm 49, a proverb wisdom set to music about death

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To all alive on this earth: Psalm 49, proverbial wisdom set to music about death
Illusion crashes into a brick wall called reality

To whom it does concern:
Listen up low high rich poor

Manifest - preview: 1 musical solution to a riddle about life and death 24 repeated phrases for emphasis ( much less in English) 5 words reserved for worship placed wrongly on wealth 2 examinations of fears: death and wealth 2 verbs that sound alike: sees and fear ( point lost in English) 1 tension between possessions and perpetuity 2 avoidances 3 parts to this song 2 selahs 1 light goes on. 1 light goes off 1 part whimsical, 2 parts dead serious
all packed in 20 verses

First movement:
Notes from a skillfully played lyre heard

Be aware, I am put my whole self into this Psalm
Mouth speakings wisdom
Heart filled with understanding
Ear listening to wisdom from God
Fingers playing the Lyre
I will proceed to reveal dark sayings, turning the lights on.

I have put my self fully into this Psalm
and you might and should listen fully as well

Second movement:
The lyre settles into a rythmic pattern and gets slightly quieter as the Psalmist continues

Why should I fear in times of trouble?
When bad guys swarm in to persecute me?
When I can feel trouble nipping at my heels

Here's the problem in a nutshell
diagnosis: misplaced trust on the part of the bad guys
prognosis: fatal

Reality check
The righteous *sees: both wise and fool die, leave wealth to others. ( as you recall....fear sounds like sees in Hebrew)
Similar sounding verbs **fear and *see
Do not fear**. Why should I fear**? ( as you recall....fear sounds like sees )
Do not be sucked into looking at the rich through awe colored glasses
Bottom line: no man can ransom another, or give to God the price of his life,

Reality check:
Limitation of riches. the ransom of their life is costly and can never suffice,
that he should live on forever and *never see the pit.
About that "you can bank on riches crowd",
not one of them can redeem their brother
or themselves
Not one.
You can bank on it.

Crescendo in lyre momentarily
To the rich: brace yourself for diminishing return on investment ahead
The incredible shrinking rich man
First They have Houses
Then House
Convinced the party will never end
Convinced wrongly
They will not pass the night
No habitation
Moving on down.

Lyre plays more slowly and ominously
It gets worse
Premonitory cautioning. This is the way of the foolish and all who approve. ! Selah
They will be like sheep
The grave will eat them for breakfast
No glory to go for takeout
No bragging rights, no prizes
Permanent residence the grave
From that generation on, mail goes to dead letter office
Even their form, their shape will go away.
“Man in his pomp is like the beast that perished” ***

Three times linking humanity together
Three times speaking of death

Bottom line: No man can redeem for death, Redemption is costly
Death is reality
But God ...
God will do what no one else can
God will redeem me
And more. He will receive me ! Selah
Can it get better?

Do not fear** the rich or his riches
Truly no man can ransom another, or give to God the price of his life
God is due the price and God will make the payment

A promotion of the righteous
The wicked will not even *see it through the night
The righteous will rule over them in the morning
another understatement
Moving on up.

Third movement:
Lyre pauses

Do not fear the rich or their riches
same goes for the happy
same goes for the highly acclaimed
same inescapable end game
It's lights out

There are many types of fear: terror respect awe worship
At first the rich is on one side, then the other
getting it wrong both times, both before and after riches expire.
terror respect awe worship (of other than God) THE RICH
At end the rich is on the other side,
THE RICH terror respect awe worship (of God)

The wealthy and well off have presented their acts of illusion
The Psalmist steps up for one more feat (actually a repeat of something he did once already but some feats are worth repeating)
And one last point made
With one letter change in Hebrew ***
A man of pomp turns to a dead cow***
Illusion meets reality
Wizard war won by the Psalmist
Pride of man out of gas

Coda allegro sonata.
Lyre plays several notes quickly and dramatically and stops

Reality check
his soul will go to the generation of his fathers,
who will never again *see light.
“Man in his pomp is like the beast that perished” *** (said it twice)
( the point not mostly lost in English)

Proverbial wisdom is in The Redeemer from death's mouth today
Pay attentions, He comes to be marvelled at tomorrow.... by those with understanding
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