Timothy Cruso on the enemies of the church flattering those in power

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Reformed Covenanter

Cancelled Commissioner
A third Method [used by the enemies of the church] is, the flattering and corrupting of those, whose power may be serviceable to them in this World. If they can but gain the shields of the earth to defend their cause, they are ready to think themselves invincible, and the true Christian interest irrecoverable.

Therefore this hath always been one of the main Policies of the Antichristian party, to insinuate into their favour, who might frown the Servants of God into Destruction, and Creep into their Bosoms, who could give them the power of stinging and tormenting others.

What hath been more visibly pursued and aimed at in the World, than to bring the honour and strength of the Nations into Babylon, and to place those Men as Horns upon the Beast, who should be the Guardians and Protectors of the Church? And certainly no way of accomplishing their grand Design hath seemed more probable than this; yet even this hath not prospered.

Some have escaped their strong delusions, whose authority and influence would have tended to promote them: These Vipers have been shaken off from those hands, where they hoped to fasten; and the Pillars upon which some Kingdoms stand, do still support the Cause of the Reformation, though great endeavours have been used to pluck them away from it. God hath not suffered the Emissaries of Rome to find Reception every where, and there are places which have lodged them once, but now know them to more.

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