Thomas Houston's Parental Duties

Discussion in 'Family Forum' started by Reformed Covenanter, Nov 20, 2019.

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  1. Reformed Covenanter

    Reformed Covenanter Puritanboard Commissioner

    Yesterday, I completed the four volumes of Thomas Houston's Works: Doctrinal and Practical (these do not include all Houston's works, as several of his books and pamphlets were not included). I had been reading them on and off for years, but the last book I read was the below-linked work on Parental Duties (1844).

    When reading it, I found myself asking "Who is sufficient for these things?" Being a parent really is an enormous task. Nonetheless, it contains a lot of good practical help without being legalistic (a rare mix in such books). Here is a stand-alone copy of the tract in question.

    The Divine Commendation of Abraham, or, Parental Duties.
  2. ADKing

    ADKing Puritan Board Junior

    I enjoy Houston a lot. Any hope of encouraging someone to republish these volumes?
  3. Reformed Covenanter

    Reformed Covenanter Puritanboard Commissioner

    I suspect that would be difficult, but I wonder if it is something that Reformation Heritage Books might be interested in undertaking. I presume that the library at RPTS or maybe even at PRTS has them, which would make it easy for them to be scanned. I suspect the main problem from a sales perspective would be that Thomas Houston is perhaps not well enough known in the wider Reformed world to generate enough interest. I hope that I am completely mistaken, however.

    @Reformed Bookworm may have some thoughts on the matter.
  4. Regi Addictissimus

    Regi Addictissimus Completely sold out to the King

    Houston has been on our radar. At one point in time, we were considering Houston's A Diary of God's Dealings. We do have his works on site. I am wrapping up a few projects and looking for the next one to undertake. Houston could be a contender.
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